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Inkscape::Text::Layout::InfiniteScanlineMaker Class Reference

#include <Layout-TNG-Scanline-Maker.h>

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Detailed Description

private to Layout. Generates infinite scanlines for when you don't want wrapping

This is a 'fake' scanline maker which will always return infinite results, effectively turning off wrapping. It's a very simple implementation.

It does have the curious property, however, that the input coordinates are 'real' x and y, but the outputs are rotated according to the block_progression.

Definition at line 86 of file Layout-TNG-Scanline-Maker.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool canExtendCurrentScanline (Layout::LineHeight const &line_height)
virtual void completeLine ()
 InfiniteScanlineMaker (double initial_x, double initial_y, Layout::Direction block_progression)
virtual std::vector< ScanRun > makeScanline (Layout::LineHeight const &line_height)
virtual void setNewYCoordinate (double new_y)
virtual double yCoordinate ()

Private Attributes

Layout::LineHeight _current_line_height
bool _negative_block_progression
double _x
double _y

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