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SPStyle Struct Reference

#include <style.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

An SVG style object.

Definition at line 240 of file style.h.

Public Member Functions

SPPaintServer * getFillPaintServer ()
const gchar * getFillURI ()
SPObjectgetFilter ()
const gchar * getFilterURI ()
SPPaintServer * getStrokePaintServer ()
const gchar * getStrokeURI ()

Public Attributes

SPIEnum block_progression
unsigned clip_path_set: 1
unsigned clip_rule_set: 1
unsigned clip_set: 1
bool cloned
 style belongs to a cloned object
SPIPaint color
unsigned color_set: 1
unsigned cursor_set: 1
SPIEnum direction
SPIEnum display
SPIEnum enable_background
SPIPaint fill
SPIScale24 fill_opacity
sigc::connection fill_ps_modified_connection
SPIEnum fill_rule
SPIFilter filter
SPIEnum filter_blend_mode
SPILength filter_gaussianBlur_deviation
sigc::connection filter_modified_connection
SPIFontSize font_size
SPIEnum font_stretch
SPIEnum font_style
SPIEnum font_variant
SPIEnum font_weight
SPILengthOrNormal letter_spacing
SPILengthOrNormal line_height
SPIString marker [SP_MARKER_LOC_QTY]
unsigned mask_set: 1
SPIScale24 opacity
SPIEnum overflow
unsigned overflow_set: 1
int refcount
sigc::connection release_connection
SPIPaint stroke
NRVpathDash stroke_dash
unsigned stroke_dasharray_inherit: 1
unsigned stroke_dasharray_set: 1
unsigned stroke_dashoffset_set: 1
SPIEnum stroke_linecap
SPIEnum stroke_linejoin
SPIFloat stroke_miterlimit
SPIScale24 stroke_opacity
sigc::connection stroke_ps_modified_connection
SPILength stroke_width
SPIEnum text_align
SPIEnum text_anchor
SPITextDecoration text_decoration
SPILength text_indent
unsigned text_private: 1
SPIEnum text_transform
SPIEnum visibility
SPILengthOrNormal word_spacing
SPIEnum writing_mode

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