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toolbox.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Controls bars for some of Inkscape's tools (for some tools, they are in their own files)

Definition in file toolbox.cpp.

#include <cstring>
#include <string>
#include <gtkmm.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include "widgets/button.h"
#include "widgets/widget-sizes.h"
#include "widgets/spw-utilities.h"
#include "widgets/spinbutton-events.h"
#include "dialogs/text-edit.h"
#include "dialogs/dialog-events.h"
#include "ui/widget/style-swatch.h"
#include "prefs-utils.h"
#include "verbs.h"
#include "sp-namedview.h"
#include "desktop.h"
#include "desktop-handles.h"
#include "xml/repr.h"
#include "xml/node-event-vector.h"
#include <glibmm/i18n.h>
#include "helper/unit-menu.h"
#include "helper/units.h"
#include "inkscape.h"
#include "conn-avoid-ref.h"
#include "select-toolbar.h"
#include "gradient-toolbar.h"
#include "connector-context.h"
#include "node-context.h"
#include "shape-editor.h"
#include "tweak-context.h"
#include "sp-rect.h"
#include "box3d.h"
#include "box3d-context.h"
#include "sp-star.h"
#include "sp-spiral.h"
#include "sp-ellipse.h"
#include "sp-text.h"
#include "sp-flowtext.h"
#include "style.h"
#include "selection.h"
#include "selection-chemistry.h"
#include "document-private.h"
#include "desktop-style.h"
#include "../libnrtype/font-lister.h"
#include "../libnrtype/font-instance.h"
#include "../connection-pool.h"
#include "../inkscape-stock.h"
#include "icon.h"
#include "graphlayout/graphlayout.h"
#include "mod360.h"
#include "toolbox.h"
#include "flood-context.h"
#include "ink-action.h"
#include "ege-adjustment-action.h"
#include "ege-output-action.h"
#include "ege-select-one-action.h"
#include "helper/unit-tracker.h"
#include "svg/css-ostringstream.h"

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#define MODE_LABEL_WIDTH   70


typedef void(* SetupFunction )(GtkWidget *toolbox, SPDesktop *desktop)
typedef void(* UpdateFunction )(SPDesktop *desktop, SPEventContext *eventcontext, GtkWidget *toolbox)


static void arc_tb_event_attr_changed (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *, gchar const *, gchar const *, bool, gpointer data)
static void aux_toolbox_attached (GtkHandleBox *, GtkWidget *child)
static void aux_toolbox_detached (GtkHandleBox *, GtkWidget *child)
void aux_toolbox_space (GtkWidget *tb, gint space)
static void box3d_angle_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *dataKludge, Proj::Axis axis)
static void box3d_angle_x_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *dataKludge)
static void box3d_angle_y_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *dataKludge)
static void box3d_angle_z_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *dataKludge)
static double box3d_normalize_angle (double a)
static void box3d_persp_tb_event_attr_changed (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *name, gchar const *, gchar const *, bool, gpointer data)
static void box3d_resync_toolbar (Inkscape::XML::Node *persp_repr, GObject *data)
static void box3d_set_button_and_adjustment (Persp3D *persp, Proj::Axis axis, GtkAdjustment *adj, GtkAction *act, GtkToggleAction *tact)
static void box3d_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void box3d_toolbox_selection_changed (Inkscape::Selection *selection, GObject *tbl)
static void box3d_vp_state_changed (GtkToggleAction *act, GtkAction *box3d_angle, Proj::Axis axis)
static void box3d_vp_x_state_changed (GtkToggleAction *act, GtkAction *box3d_angle)
static void box3d_vp_y_state_changed (GtkToggleAction *act, GtkAction *box3d_angle)
static void box3d_vp_z_state_changed (GtkToggleAction *act, GtkAction *box3d_angle)
void cell_data_func (GtkTreeViewColumn *, GtkCellRenderer *cell, GtkTreeModel *tree_model, GtkTreeIter *iter, gpointer)
static void connector_length_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void connector_spacing_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void connector_tb_event_attr_changed (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *name, gchar const *, gchar const *, bool, gpointer data)
static GtkAction * create_action_for_verb (Inkscape::Verb *verb, Inkscape::UI::View::View *view, Inkscape::IconSize size)
static EgeAdjustmentActioncreate_adjustment_action (gchar const *name, gchar const *label, gchar const *shortLabel, gchar const *tooltip, gchar const *path, gchar const *data, gdouble def, GtkWidget *focusTarget, GtkWidget *us, GObject *dataKludge, gboolean altx, gchar const *altx_mark, gdouble lower, gdouble upper, gdouble step, gdouble page, gchar const **descrLabels, gdouble const *descrValues, guint descrCount, void(*callback)(GtkAdjustment *, GObject *), gdouble climb=0.1, guint digits=3, double factor=1.0)
static GtkActionGroup * create_or_fetch_actions (SPDesktop *desktop)
static void delete_completion (GObject *, GtkWidget *entry)
static void delete_connection (GObject *, sigc::connection *connection)
static ShapeEditor * get_current_shape_editor ()
static void paintbucket_autogap_changed (EgeSelectOneAction *act, GObject *)
static void paintbucket_channels_changed (EgeSelectOneAction *act, GObject *)
static void paintbucket_defaults (GtkWidget *, GObject *dataKludge)
static void paintbucket_offset_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void paintbucket_threshold_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void purge_repr_listener (GObject *obj, GObject *tbl)
static void rect_tb_event_attr_changed (Inkscape::XML::Node *, gchar const *, gchar const *, gchar const *, bool, gpointer data)
static void setup_aux_toolbox (GtkWidget *toolbox, SPDesktop *desktop)
static void setup_commands_toolbox (GtkWidget *toolbox, SPDesktop *desktop)
static void setup_tool_toolbox (GtkWidget *toolbox, SPDesktop *desktop)
void show_aux_toolbox (GtkWidget *toolbox_toplevel)
static void sp_action_action_set_sensitive (SPAction *, unsigned int sensitive, void *data)
static void sp_arc_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void sp_arc_toolbox_selection_changed (Inkscape::Selection *selection, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_arctb_defaults (GtkWidget *, GObject *obj)
static void sp_arctb_end_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_arctb_open_state_changed (EgeSelectOneAction *act, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_arctb_sensitivize (GObject *tbl, double v1, double v2)
static void sp_arctb_start_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_arctb_startend_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl, gchar const *value_name, gchar const *other_name)
GtkWidget * sp_aux_toolbox_new ()
void sp_aux_toolbox_set_desktop (GtkWidget *toolbox, SPDesktop *desktop)
static void sp_calligraphy_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
GtkWidget * sp_commands_toolbox_new ()
void sp_commands_toolbox_set_desktop (GtkWidget *toolbox, SPDesktop *desktop)
static void sp_connector_graph_layout (void)
static void sp_connector_path_set_avoid (void)
static void sp_connector_path_set_ignore (void)
static void sp_connector_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void sp_ddc_angle_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void sp_ddc_cap_rounding_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void sp_ddc_defaults (GtkWidget *, GObject *dataKludge)
static void sp_ddc_flatness_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void sp_ddc_mass_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void sp_ddc_pressure_state_changed (GtkToggleAction *act, gpointer)
static void sp_ddc_tilt_state_changed (GtkToggleAction *act, GtkAction *calligraphy_angle)
static void sp_ddc_trace_background_changed (GtkToggleAction *act, gpointer)
static void sp_ddc_tremor_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void sp_ddc_velthin_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void sp_ddc_width_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void sp_ddc_wiggle_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void sp_directed_graph_layout_toggled (GtkToggleAction *act, GtkObject *)
static void sp_dropper_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static GtkWidget * sp_empty_toolbox_new (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_node_path_edit_add (void)
void sp_node_path_edit_break (void)
void sp_node_path_edit_cusp (void)
void sp_node_path_edit_delete (void)
void sp_node_path_edit_delete_segment (void)
void sp_node_path_edit_join (void)
void sp_node_path_edit_join_segment (void)
void sp_node_path_edit_nextLPEparam (GtkAction *, gpointer data)
void sp_node_path_edit_smooth (void)
void sp_node_path_edit_symmetrical (void)
void sp_node_path_edit_tocurve (void)
void sp_node_path_edit_toline (void)
static void sp_node_path_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl, gchar const *value_name)
static void sp_node_path_x_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_node_path_y_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_node_toolbox_coord_changed (gpointer, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_node_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void sp_nooverlaps_graph_layout_toggled (GtkToggleAction *act, GtkObject *)
static void sp_paintbucket_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void sp_pen_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void sp_pencil_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void sp_rect_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void sp_rect_toolbox_selection_changed (Inkscape::Selection *selection, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_rtb_defaults (GtkWidget *, GObject *obj)
static void sp_rtb_height_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_rtb_rx_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_rtb_ry_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_rtb_sensitivize (GObject *tbl)
static void sp_rtb_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl, gchar const *value_name, void(*setter)(SPRect *, gdouble))
static void sp_rtb_width_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_spiral_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void sp_spiral_toolbox_selection_changed (Inkscape::Selection *selection, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_spl_tb_defaults (GtkWidget *, GtkObject *obj)
static void sp_spl_tb_expansion_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_spl_tb_revolution_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_spl_tb_t0_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_spl_tb_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *tbl, gchar const *value_name)
static void sp_star_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void sp_star_toolbox_selection_changed (Inkscape::Selection *selection, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_stb_defaults (GtkWidget *, GObject *dataKludge)
static void sp_stb_magnitude_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *dataKludge)
static void sp_stb_proportion_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *dataKludge)
static void sp_stb_randomized_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *dataKludge)
static void sp_stb_rounded_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *dataKludge)
static void sp_stb_sides_flat_state_changed (EgeSelectOneAction *act, GObject *dataKludge)
GtkWidget * sp_tb_spinbutton (gchar *label, gchar const *tooltip, gchar const *path, gchar const *data, gdouble def, GtkWidget *us, GtkWidget *tbl, gboolean altx, gchar const *altx_mark, gdouble lower, gdouble upper, gdouble step, gdouble page, void(*callback)(GtkAdjustment *, GtkWidget *), gdouble climb=0.1, guint digits=3, double factor=1.0)
void sp_text_toolbox_anchoring_toggled (GtkRadioButton *button, gpointer data)
gboolean sp_text_toolbox_entry_focus_in (GtkWidget *entry, GdkEventFocus *, GObject *)
void sp_text_toolbox_family_changed (GtkTreeSelection *selection, GObject *tbl)
void sp_text_toolbox_family_entry_activate (GtkEntry *entry, GObject *tbl)
gboolean sp_text_toolbox_family_keypress (GtkWidget *, GdkEventKey *event, GObject *tbl)
gboolean sp_text_toolbox_family_list_keypress (GtkWidget *w, GdkEventKey *event, GObject *)
GtkWidget * sp_text_toolbox_new (SPDesktop *desktop)
GtkWidget * sp_text_toolbox_new (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_text_toolbox_orientation_toggled (GtkRadioButton *button, gpointer data)
gboolean sp_text_toolbox_popdown_focus_in (GtkWidget *popdown, GdkEventFocus *, GObject *)
gboolean sp_text_toolbox_popdown_focus_out (GtkWidget *popdown, GdkEventFocus *, GObject *)
void sp_text_toolbox_selection_changed (Inkscape::Selection *, GObject *tbl)
void sp_text_toolbox_selection_modified (Inkscape::Selection *selection, guint, GObject *tbl)
void sp_text_toolbox_size_changed (GtkComboBox *cbox, GObject *tbl)
gboolean sp_text_toolbox_size_focusout (GtkWidget *, GdkEventFocus *event, GObject *tbl)
gboolean sp_text_toolbox_size_keypress (GtkWidget *, GdkEventKey *event, GObject *tbl)
void sp_text_toolbox_style_toggled (GtkToggleButton *button, gpointer data)
void sp_text_toolbox_subselection_changed (gpointer, GObject *tbl)
void sp_text_toolbox_text_popdown_clicked (GtkButton *, GObject *tbl)
GtkWidget * sp_tool_toolbox_new ()
 Main toolbox.
void sp_tool_toolbox_set_desktop (GtkWidget *toolbox, SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_toolbox_add_label (GtkWidget *tbl, gchar const *title, bool wide)
GtkWidget * sp_toolbox_button_new_from_verb (GtkWidget *t, Inkscape::IconSize size, SPButtonType type, Inkscape::Verb *verb, Inkscape::UI::View::View *view, GtkTooltips *tt)
GtkWidget * sp_toolbox_button_new_from_verb_with_doubleclick (GtkWidget *t, Inkscape::IconSize size, SPButtonType type, Inkscape::Verb *verb, Inkscape::Verb *doubleclick_verb, Inkscape::UI::View::View *view, GtkTooltips *tt)
GtkWidget * sp_toolbox_button_normal_new_from_verb (GtkWidget *t, Inkscape::IconSize size, Inkscape::Verb *verb, Inkscape::UI::View::View *view, GtkTooltips *tt)
static void sp_tweak_fidelity_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void sp_tweak_force_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void sp_tweak_mode_changed (EgeSelectOneAction *act, GObject *tbl)
static void sp_tweak_pressure_state_changed (GtkToggleAction *act, gpointer)
static void sp_tweak_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void sp_tweak_width_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, GObject *)
static void sp_zoom_toolbox_prep (SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
static void spiral_tb_event_attr_changed (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *, gchar const *, gchar const *, bool, gpointer data)
static void star_tb_event_attr_changed (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, gchar const *name, gchar const *, gchar const *, bool, gpointer data)
static void toggle_dropper_pick_alpha (GtkToggleAction *act, gpointer tbl)
static void toggle_dropper_set_alpha (GtkToggleAction *act, gpointer tbl)
static void toggle_show_handles (GtkToggleAction *act, gpointer)
static void toolbox_set_desktop (GtkWidget *toolbox, SPDesktop *desktop, SetupFunction setup_func, UpdateFunction update_func, sigc::connection *)
static void trigger_sp_action (GtkAction *, gpointer user_data)
static void tweak_toggle_doh (GtkToggleAction *act, gpointer)
static void tweak_toggle_dol (GtkToggleAction *act, gpointer)
static void tweak_toggle_doo (GtkToggleAction *act, gpointer)
static void tweak_toggle_dos (GtkToggleAction *act, gpointer)
static void update_aux_toolbox (SPDesktop *desktop, SPEventContext *eventcontext, GtkWidget *toolbox)
static void update_commands_toolbox (SPDesktop *desktop, SPEventContext *eventcontext, GtkWidget *toolbox)
static void update_tool_toolbox (SPDesktop *desktop, SPEventContext *eventcontext, GtkWidget *toolbox)


static SPActionEventVector action_event_vector
struct {
   GtkWidget *(*   create_func )(SPDesktop *desktop)
   gchar const *   data_name
   void(*   prep_func )(SPDesktop *desktop, GtkActionGroup *mainActions, GObject *holder)
   gchar const *   swatch_tip
   gchar const *   swatch_tool
   gint   swatch_verb_id
   gchar const *   type_name
   gchar const *   ui_name
aux_toolboxes []
bool popdown_hasfocus = false
bool popdown_visible = false
struct {
   gchar const *   data_name
   sp_verb_t   doubleclick_verb
   gchar const *   type_name
   sp_verb_t   verb
tools []
static gchar const * ui_descr

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