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buildtool::MakeBase Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for buildtool::MakeBase:

buildtool::TaskCC buildtool::TaskMakeFile buildtool::TaskMkDir buildtool::TaskMsgFmt buildtool::TaskPkgConfig buildtool::TaskRanlib buildtool::TaskRC buildtool::TaskSharedLib buildtool::TaskStaticLib buildtool::TaskStrip

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Base class for all classes in this file

Definition at line 2873 of file buildtool.cpp.

Public Member Functions

bool getAttribute (Element *elem, const String &name, String &result)
int getLine ()
virtual String getProperty (const String &name)
URI getURI ()
bool getValue (Element *elem, String &result)
virtual bool hasProperty (const String &name)
String resolve (const String &otherPath)
void setLine (int val)
virtual void setProperty (const String &name, const String &val)
void setURI (const String &uristr)

Protected Member Functions

bool copyFile (const String &srcFile, const String &destFile)
bool createDirectory (const String &dirname)
void error (const char *fmt,...)
bool executeCommand (const String &call, const String &inbuf, String &outbuf, String &errbuf)
bool getBool (const String &str, bool &val)
String getNativePath (const String &path)
virtual std::map< String,
String > & 
getProperties ()
String getSuffix (const String &fname)
bool isDirectory (const String &fileName)
bool isNewerThan (const String &fileA, const String &fileB)
bool isRegularFile (const String &fileName)
String leftJustify (const String &s)
bool listDirectories (const String &baseName, const String &dirname, std::vector< String > &res)
bool listFiles (MakeBase &propRef, FileSet &fileSet)
bool listFiles (const String &baseName, const String &dirname, std::vector< String > &result)
bool parseFileSet (Element *elem, MakeBase &propRef, FileSet &fileSet)
bool parsePatternSet (Element *elem, MakeBase &propRef, std::vector< String > &includes, std::vector< String > &excludes)
bool regexMatch (const String &str, const String &pattern)
bool removeDirectory (const String &dirName)
void status (const char *fmt,...)
String strip (const String &s)
std::vector< String > tokenize (const String &val, const String &delimiters)
String toLower (const String &s)
void trace (const char *fmt,...)
String trim (const String &s)

Protected Attributes

String envPrefix
std::map< String, String > properties
URI uri

Private Member Functions

bool getSubstitutions (const String &s, String &result)

Private Attributes

int line

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