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_CRDocHandler Struct Reference

#include <cr-doc-handler.h>

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Detailed Description

The SAC document handler. An instance of this class is to be passed to a parser. Then, during the parsing the parser calls the convenient function pointer whenever a particular event (a css construction) occurs.

Definition at line 53 of file cr-doc-handler.h.

Public Attributes

gpointer app_data
void(* charset )(CRDocHandler *a_this, CRString *a_charset, CRParsingLocation *a_charset_sym_location)
void(* comment )(CRDocHandler *a_this, CRString *a_comment)
void(* end_document )(CRDocHandler *a_this)
void(* end_font_face )(CRDocHandler *a_this)
void(* end_media )(CRDocHandler *a_this, GList *a_media_list)
void(* end_page )(CRDocHandler *a_this, CRString *a_name, CRString *pseudo_page)
void(* end_selector )(CRDocHandler *a_this, CRSelector *a_selector_list)
void(* error )(CRDocHandler *a_this)
void(* ignorable_at_rule )(CRDocHandler *a_this, CRString *a_name)
void(* import_style )(CRDocHandler *a_this, GList *a_media_list, CRString *a_uri, CRString *a_uri_default_ns, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
void(* import_style_result )(CRDocHandler *a_this, GList *a_media_list, CRString *a_uri, CRString *a_uri_default_ns, CRStyleSheet *a_sheet)
void(* namespace_declaration )(CRDocHandler *a_this, CRString *a_prefix, CRString *a_uri, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
CRDocHandlerPriv * priv
void(* property )(CRDocHandler *a_this, CRString *a_name, CRTerm *a_expression, gboolean a_is_important)
gulong ref_count
gboolean resolve_import
void(* start_document )(CRDocHandler *a_this)
void(* start_font_face )(CRDocHandler *a_this, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
void(* start_media )(CRDocHandler *a_this, GList *a_media_list, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
void(* start_page )(CRDocHandler *a_this, CRString *a_name, CRString *a_pseudo_page, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
void(* start_selector )(CRDocHandler *a_this, CRSelector *a_selector_list)
void(* unrecoverable_error )(CRDocHandler *a_this)

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