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void sp_radialgradient_set_position ( SPRadialGradient rg,
gdouble  cx,
gdouble  cy,
gdouble  fx,
gdouble  fy,
gdouble  r 

Directly set properties of radial gradient and request modified.

Definition at line 1822 of file sp-gradient.cpp.

References SPRadialGradient::cx, SPRadialGradient::cy, SPRadialGradient::fx, SPRadialGradient::fy, and SPRadialGradient::r.

    g_return_if_fail(rg != NULL);

    /* fixme: units? (Lauris)  */
    rg->cx.set(SVGLength::NONE, cx, cx);
    rg->cy.set(SVGLength::NONE, cy, cy);
    rg->fx.set(SVGLength::NONE, fx, fx);
    rg->fy.set(SVGLength::NONE, fy, fy);
    rg->r.set(SVGLength::NONE, r, r);


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