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void removeoverlap ( GSList const *const   items,
double const   xGap,
double const   yGap 

Remove overlaps function.

Takes a list of inkscape items and moves them as little as possible such that rectangular bounding boxes are separated by at least xGap horizontally and yGap vertically

Definition at line 38 of file removeoverlap.cpp.

      using Inkscape::Util::GSListConstIterator;
      std::list<SPItem *> selected;
      selected.insert<GSListConstIterator<SPItem *> >(selected.end(), items, NULL);
      std::vector<Record> records;
      std::vector<Rectangle *> rs;

      NR::Point const gap(xGap, yGap);
      for (std::list<SPItem *>::iterator it(selected.begin());
            it != selected.end();
            using NR::X; using NR::Y;
            NR::Maybe<NR::Rect> item_box(sp_item_bbox_desktop(*it));
            if (item_box) {
                  NR::Point min(item_box->min() - .5*gap);
                  NR::Point max(item_box->max() + .5*gap);
                  Rectangle *vspc_rect = new Rectangle(min[X], max[X], min[Y], max[Y]);
                  records.push_back(Record(*it, item_box->midpoint(), vspc_rect));
      if (!rs.empty()) {
            removeRectangleOverlap(rs.size(), &rs[0], 0.0, 0.0);
      for ( std::vector<Record>::iterator it = records.begin();
            it != records.end();
            ++it )
            NR::Point const curr = it->midpoint;
            NR::Point const dest(it->vspc_rect->getCentreX(),
            sp_item_move_rel(it->item, NR::translate(dest - curr));
            delete it->vspc_rect;

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