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gboolean cr_utils_is_white_space ( guint32  a_char  ) 

Returns TRUE if a_char is a white space as defined in the css spec in chap 4.1.1.

white-space ::= ' '| ||

a_char the character to test. return TRUE if is a white space, false otherwise.

Definition at line 1195 of file cr-utils.c.

Referenced by attr_add_sel_matches_node(), class_add_sel_matches_node(), cr_input_consume_white_spaces(), cr_tknzr_parse_w(), and cr_tknzr_try_to_skip_spaces().

        switch (a_char) {
        case ' ':
        case '\t':
        case '\r':
        case '\n':
        case '\f':
                return TRUE;
                return FALSE;

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