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cr-doc-handler.h File Reference

Detailed Description

The declaration of the CRDocumentHandler class. This class is actually the parsing events handler.

Definition in file cr-doc-handler.h.

#include <glib.h>
#include "cr-utils.h"
#include "cr-input.h"
#include "cr-stylesheet.h"

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struct  _CRDocHandler


typedef typedefG_BEGIN_DECLS
struct _CRDocHandler 
typedef struct _CRDocHandlerPriv CRDocHandlerPriv


void cr_doc_handler_associate_a_parser (CRDocHandler *a_this, gpointer a_parser)
void cr_doc_handler_destroy (CRDocHandler *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_doc_handler_get_ctxt (CRDocHandler *a_this, gpointer *a_ctxt)
enum CRStatus cr_doc_handler_get_result (CRDocHandler *a_this, gpointer *a_result)
CRDocHandler * cr_doc_handler_new (void)
void cr_doc_handler_ref (CRDocHandler *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_doc_handler_set_ctxt (CRDocHandler *a_this, gpointer a_ctxt)
enum CRStatus cr_doc_handler_set_default_sac_handler (CRDocHandler *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_doc_handler_set_result (CRDocHandler *a_this, gpointer a_result)
gboolean cr_doc_handler_unref (CRDocHandler *a_this)

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