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enum CRStatus cr_doc_handler_set_default_sac_handler ( CRDocHandler *  a_this  ) 

Sets the sac handlers contained in the current instance of DocHandler to the default handlers. For the time being the default handlers are test handlers. This is expected to change in a near future, when the libcroco gets a bit debugged.

a_this a pointer to the current instance of CRDocHandler.
CR_OK upon successfull completion, an error code otherwise.

Definition at line 162 of file cr-doc-handler.c.

Referenced by cr_doc_handler_new(), and cr_parser_set_default_sac_handler().

        g_return_val_if_fail (a_this, CR_BAD_PARAM_ERROR);

        a_this->start_document = NULL;
        a_this->end_document = NULL;
        a_this->import_style = NULL;
        a_this->namespace_declaration = NULL;
        a_this->comment = NULL;
        a_this->start_selector = NULL;
        a_this->end_selector = NULL;
        a_this->property = NULL;
        a_this->start_font_face = NULL;
        a_this->end_font_face = NULL;
        a_this->start_media = NULL;
        a_this->end_media = NULL;
        a_this->start_page = NULL;
        a_this->end_page = NULL;
        a_this->ignorable_at_rule = NULL;
        a_this->error = NULL;
        a_this->unrecoverable_error = NULL;
        return CR_OK;

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