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org::w3c::dom::URI Class Reference

#include <uri.h>

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Detailed Description

A class that implements the W3C URI resource reference.

Definition at line 47 of file uri.h.

Public Types

enum  SchemeTypes {

Public Member Functions

virtual DOMString getAuthority () const
virtual DOMString getFragment () const
virtual DOMString getHost () const
virtual DOMString getNativePath () const
virtual DOMString getPath () const
virtual int getPort () const
virtual DOMString getQuery () const
virtual int getScheme () const
virtual DOMString getSchemeStr () const
virtual bool isAbsolute () const
virtual bool isOpaque () const
virtual void normalize ()
URIoperator= (URI const &other)
virtual bool parse (DOMString const &str)
virtual URI resolve (URI const &other) const
virtual DOMString toString () const
 URI (URI const &other)
 URI (char const *str)
 URI (DOMString const &str)

Private Member Functions

void assign (URI const &other)
void error (char const *fmt,...)
void init ()
int match (int p, char const *key)
int parse (int p)
int parseAsciiEntity (int p, int &result)
int parseEntity (int p, int &result)
int parseFragment (int p0)
int parseHex (int p, int &result)
int parseHierarchicalPart (int p0)
int parseQuery (int p0)
int parseScheme (int p)
int peek (int p)
void trace (char const *fmt,...)

Private Attributes

bool absolute
std::vector< int > authority
std::vector< int > fragment
bool opaque
int * parsebuf
int parselen
std::vector< int > path
int port
bool portSpecified
std::vector< int > query
int scheme
DOMString schemeStr

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