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Inkscape::Extension::ParamNotebookWdg Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A special category of Gtk::Notebook to handle notebook parameters.

Definition at line 330 of file paramnotebook.cpp.

Public Member Functions

void changed_page (GtkNotebookPage *page, guint pagenum)
 Respond to the selected page of notebook changing This function responds to the changing by reporting it to ParamNotebook. The change is only reported when the notebook is actually visible. This to exclude 'fake' changes when the notebookpages are added or removed.
 ParamNotebookWdg (ParamNotebook *pref, SPDocument *doc, Inkscape::XML::Node *node)
 Build a notebookpage preference for the given parameter.

Public Attributes

bool activated

Private Attributes

ParamNotebook * _pref

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