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 * A quick hack to use the print output to write out a file.  This
 * then makes 'save as...' PDF.
 * Authors:
 *   Ted Gould <ted@gould.cx>
 *   Ulf Erikson <ulferikson@users.sf.net>
 * Copyright (C) 2004-2006 Authors
 * Released under GNU GPL, read the file 'COPYING' for more information

# include <config.h>


#include "cairo-pdf-out.h"
#include <print.h>
#include "extension/system.h"
#include "extension/print.h"
#include "extension/db.h"
#include "extension/output.h"
#include "display/nr-arena.h"
#include "display/nr-arena-item.h"
#include "sp-path.h"

namespace Inkscape {
namespace Extension {
namespace Internal {

CairoPdfOutput::check (Inkscape::Extension::Extension * module)
      if (NULL == Inkscape::Extension::db.get(SP_MODULE_KEY_PRINT_CAIRO_PDF))
            return FALSE;

      return TRUE;

static unsigned int
pdf_print_document_to_file(SPDocument *doc, gchar const *filename, unsigned int pdf_level, bool texttopath, bool filtertobitmap)
    Inkscape::Extension::Print *mod;
    SPPrintContext context;
    gchar const *oldconst;
    gchar *oldoutput;
    unsigned int ret;


    mod = Inkscape::Extension::get_print(SP_MODULE_KEY_PRINT_CAIRO_PDF);
    oldconst = mod->get_param_string("destination");
    oldoutput = g_strdup(oldconst);
    mod->set_param_string("destination", (gchar *)filename);

/* Start */
    context.module = mod;
    /* fixme: This has to go into module constructor somehow */
    /* Create new arena */
    mod->base = SP_ITEM(sp_document_root(doc));
    mod->arena = NRArena::create();
    mod->dkey = sp_item_display_key_new(1);
    mod->root = sp_item_invoke_show(mod->base, mod->arena, mod->dkey, SP_ITEM_SHOW_DISPLAY);

    /* Print document */
    ret = mod->begin(doc);
    if (ret) {
        sp_item_invoke_print(mod->base, &context);
        ret = mod->finish();

    /* Release arena */
    sp_item_invoke_hide(mod->base, mod->dkey);
    mod->base = NULL;
    mod->root = NULL;
    nr_object_unref((NRObject *) mod->arena);
    mod->arena = NULL;
/* end */

    mod->set_param_string("destination", oldoutput);

    return ret;

    \brief  This function calls the print system with the filename
      \param  mod   unused
      \param  doc   Document to be saved
    \param  uri   Filename to save to (probably will end in .pdf)

      The most interesting thing that this function does is just attach
      an '>' on the front of the filename.  This is the syntax used to
      tell the printing system to save to file.
CairoPdfOutput::save (Inkscape::Extension::Output *mod, SPDocument *doc, const gchar *uri)
    Inkscape::Extension::Extension * ext;
    unsigned int ret;

    ext = Inkscape::Extension::db.get(SP_MODULE_KEY_PRINT_CAIRO_PDF);
    if (ext == NULL)

    bool old_textToPath  = FALSE;
    bool new_textToPath  = FALSE;
    try {
        old_textToPath  = ext->get_param_bool("textToPath");
        new_textToPath  = mod->get_param_bool("textToPath");
        ext->set_param_bool("textToPath", new_textToPath);
    catch(...) {
        g_warning("Parameter <textToPath> might not exists");

      gchar * final_name;
      final_name = g_strdup_printf("> %s", uri);
      ret = pdf_print_document_to_file(doc, final_name, 0, new_textToPath, false);

    try {
        ext->set_param_bool("textToPath", old_textToPath);
    catch(...) {
        g_warning("Parameter <textToPath> might not exists");

      if (!ret)
          throw Inkscape::Extension::Output::save_failed();


#include "clear-n_.h"
      \brief   A function allocate a copy of this function.

      This is the definition of PDF out.  This function just
      calls the extension system with the memory allocated XML that
      describes the data.
CairoPdfOutput::init (void)
                  "<name>" N_("Cairo PDF Output") "</name>\n"
                  "<param name=\"PDFversion\" gui-text=\"" N_("Restrict to PDF version") "\" type=\"enum\" >\n"
                        "<_item value='PDF14'>" N_("PDF 1.4") "</_item>\n"
                  "<param name=\"textToPath\" gui-text=\"" N_("Convert texts to paths") "\" type=\"boolean\">false</param>\n"
                        "<filetypename>" N_("PDF via Cairo (*.pdf)") "</filetypename>\n"
                        "<filetypetooltip>" N_("PDF File") "</filetypetooltip>\n"
            "</inkscape-extension>", new CairoPdfOutput());


} } }  /* namespace Inkscape, Extension, Implementation */

#endif /* HAVE_CAIRO_PDF */

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