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 /** \file
 * SVG representation creator using libpoppler.
 * Authors:
 *   miklos erdelyi
 * Copyright (C) 2007 Authors
 * Released under GNU GPL, read the file 'COPYING' for more information

# include <config.h>


class SPDocument;
namespace Inkscape {
    namespace XML {
        class Document;
        class Node;

#include "libnr/nr-point.h"
#include "libnr/nr-matrix.h"

#include "CharTypes.h"
class GooString;
class Function;
struct GfxState;
class GfxColor;
class GfxColorSpace;
class GfxRGB;
class GfxPath;
class GfxPattern;
class GfxTilingPattern;
class GfxShading;
class GfxFont;
class GfxImageColorMap;
class Stream;
class XRef;

class SPCSSAttr;

#include <vector>
#include <glib/gtypes.h>

namespace Inkscape {
namespace Extension {
namespace Internal {

struct SvgTransparencyGroup;

 * \struct SvgGraphicsState
 * Holds information about the current softmask and group depth.
 * Could be later used to store other graphics state parameters so that we could
 * emit only the differences in style settings from the parent state.
struct SvgGraphicsState {
    Inkscape::XML::Node *softmask; // Points to current softmask node
    int group_depth;    // Depth of nesting groups at this level

 * \struct SvgGlyph
 * Holds information about glyphs added by PdfParser which haven't been added
 * to the document yet.
struct SvgGlyph {
    NR::Point position;    // Absolute glyph coords
    NR::Point text_position; // Absolute glyph coords in text space
    double dx, dy;  // Advance values
    double rise;    // Text rise parameter
    char code[8];   // UTF-8 coded character
    int code_size;
    bool is_space;

    bool style_changed;  // Set to true if style has to be reset
    SPCSSAttr *style;
    int render_mode;    // Text render mode
    char *font_specification;   // Pointer to current font specification

 * \class SvgBuilder
 * Builds the inner SVG representation from the calls of PdfParser
class SvgBuilder {
    SvgBuilder(SPDocument *document, gchar *docname, XRef *xref);
    SvgBuilder(SvgBuilder *parent, Inkscape::XML::Node *root);
    virtual ~SvgBuilder();

    // Property setting
    void setDocumentSize(double width, double height);  // Document size in px
    void setAsLayer(char *layer_name=NULL);
    void setGroupOpacity(double opacity);
    Inkscape::XML::Node *getPreferences() {
        return _preferences;

    // Handling the node stack
    Inkscape::XML::Node *pushGroup();
    Inkscape::XML::Node *popGroup();
    Inkscape::XML::Node *getContainer();    // Returns current group node

    // Path adding
    void addPath(GfxState *state, bool fill, bool stroke, bool even_odd=false);
    void addShadedFill(GfxShading *shading, double *matrix, GfxPath *path, bool even_odd=false);

    // Image handling
    void addImage(GfxState *state, Stream *str, int width, int height,
                  GfxImageColorMap *color_map, int *mask_colors);
    void addImageMask(GfxState *state, Stream *str, int width, int height,
                      bool invert);
    void addMaskedImage(GfxState *state, Stream *str, int width, int height,
                        GfxImageColorMap *color_map,
                        Stream *mask_str, int mask_width, int mask_height,
                        bool invert_mask);
    void addSoftMaskedImage(GfxState *state, Stream *str, int width, int height,
                            GfxImageColorMap *color_map,
                            Stream *mask_str, int mask_width, int mask_height,
                            GfxImageColorMap *mask_color_map);

    // Transparency group and soft mask handling
    void pushTransparencyGroup(GfxState *state, double *bbox,
                               GfxColorSpace *blending_color_space,
                               bool isolated, bool knockout,
                               bool for_softmask);
    void popTransparencyGroup(GfxState *state);
    void paintTransparencyGroup(GfxState *state, double *bbox);
    void setSoftMask(GfxState *state, double *bbox, bool alpha,
                     Function *transfer_func, GfxColor *backdrop_color);
    void clearSoftMask(GfxState *state);

    // Text handling
    void beginString(GfxState *state, GooString *s);
    void endString(GfxState *state);
    void addChar(GfxState *state, double x, double y,
                 double dx, double dy,
                 double originX, double originY,
                 CharCode code, int nBytes, Unicode *u, int uLen);
    void beginTextObject(GfxState *state);
    void endTextObject(GfxState *state);

    bool isPatternTypeSupported(GfxPattern *pattern);

    // State manipulation
    void saveState();
    void restoreState();
    void updateStyle(GfxState *state);
    void updateFont(GfxState *state);
    void updateTextPosition(double tx, double ty);
    void updateTextShift(GfxState *state, double shift);
    void updateTextMatrix(GfxState *state);

    // Clipping
    void clip(GfxState *state, bool even_odd=false);
    void setClipPath(GfxState *state, bool even_odd=false);

    // Transforming
    void setTransform(double c0, double c1, double c2, double c3, double c4,
                      double c5);
    void setTransform(double const *transform);
    bool getTransform(double *transform);

    void _init();

    // Pattern creation
    gchar *_createPattern(GfxPattern *pattern, GfxState *state, bool is_stroke=false);
    gchar *_createGradient(GfxShading *shading, double *matrix, bool for_shading=false);
    void _addStopToGradient(Inkscape::XML::Node *gradient, double offset,
                            GfxRGB *color, double opacity);
    bool _addGradientStops(Inkscape::XML::Node *gradient, GfxShading *shading,
                           Function *func);
    gchar *_createTilingPattern(GfxTilingPattern *tiling_pattern, GfxState *state,
                                bool is_stroke=false);
    // Image/mask creation
    Inkscape::XML::Node *_createImage(Stream *str, int width, int height,
                                      GfxImageColorMap *color_map, int *mask_colors,
                                      bool alpha_only=false, bool invert_alpha=false);
    Inkscape::XML::Node *_createMask(double width, double height);
    // Style setting
    SPCSSAttr *_setStyle(GfxState *state, bool fill, bool stroke, bool even_odd=false);
    void _setStrokeStyle(SPCSSAttr *css, GfxState *state);
    void _setFillStyle(SPCSSAttr *css, GfxState *state, bool even_odd);

    void _flushText();    // Write buffered text into doc

    // Handling of node stack
    Inkscape::XML::Node *pushNode(const char* name);
    Inkscape::XML::Node *popNode();
    std::vector<Inkscape::XML::Node *> _node_stack;
    std::vector<int> _group_depth;    // Depth of nesting groups
    SvgTransparencyGroup *_transp_group_stack;  // Transparency group stack
    std::vector<SvgGraphicsState> _state_stack;

    SPCSSAttr *_font_style;          // Current font style
    GfxFont *_current_font;
    char *_font_specification;
    double _font_scaling;
    bool _need_font_update;
    NR::Matrix _text_matrix;
    NR::Point _text_position;
    std::vector<SvgGlyph> _glyphs;   // Added characters
    bool _in_text_object;   // Whether we are inside a text object
    bool _invalidated_style;
    GfxState *_current_state;

    bool _is_top_level;  // Whether this SvgBuilder is the top-level one
    SPDocument *_doc;
    gchar *_docname;    // Basename of the URI from which this document is created
    XRef *_xref;    // Cross-reference table from the PDF doc we're converting from
    Inkscape::XML::Document *_xml_doc;
    Inkscape::XML::Node *_root;  // Root node from the point of view of this SvgBuilder
    Inkscape::XML::Node *_container; // Current container (group/pattern/mask)
    Inkscape::XML::Node *_preferences;  // Preferences container node
    double _width, _height;       // Document size in px

} } } /* namespace Inkscape, Extension, Internal */

#endif /* HAVE_POPPLER */


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  c-file-offsets:((innamespace . 0)(inline-open . 0))
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