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cr-term.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition of the CRTem class.

Definition in file cr-term.c.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "cr-term.h"
#include "cr-num.h"
#include "cr-parser.h"

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CRTermcr_term_append_term (CRTerm *a_this, CRTerm *a_new_term)
static void cr_term_clear (CRTerm *a_this)
void cr_term_destroy (CRTerm *a_this)
void cr_term_dump (CRTerm *a_this, FILE *a_fp)
CRTermcr_term_get_from_list (CRTerm *a_this, int itemnr)
CRTermcr_term_new (void)
int cr_term_nr_values (CRTerm *a_this)
guchar * cr_term_one_to_string (CRTerm *a_this)
CRTermcr_term_parse_expression_from_buf (const guchar *a_buf, enum CREncoding a_encoding)
CRTermcr_term_prepend_term (CRTerm *a_this, CRTerm *a_new_term)
void cr_term_ref (CRTerm *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_term_set_function (CRTerm *a_this, CRString *a_func_name, CRTerm *a_func_param)
enum CRStatus cr_term_set_hash (CRTerm *a_this, CRString *a_str)
enum CRStatus cr_term_set_ident (CRTerm *a_this, CRString *a_str)
enum CRStatus cr_term_set_number (CRTerm *a_this, CRNum *a_num)
enum CRStatus cr_term_set_rgb (CRTerm *a_this, CRRgb *a_rgb)
enum CRStatus cr_term_set_string (CRTerm *a_this, CRString *a_str)
enum CRStatus cr_term_set_uri (CRTerm *a_this, CRString *a_str)
guchar * cr_term_to_string (CRTerm *a_this)
gboolean cr_term_unref (CRTerm *a_this)

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