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enum CRStatus cr_om_parser_simply_parse_paths_to_cascade ( const guchar *  a_author_path,
const guchar *  a_user_path,
const guchar *  a_ua_path,
enum CREncoding  a_encoding,
CRCascade **  a_result 

Parses three sheets located by their paths and build a cascade

a_author_path the path to the author stylesheet
a_user_path the path to the user stylesheet
a_ua_path the path to the User Agent stylesheet
a_result out parameter. The resulting cascade if the parsing was okay
CR_OK upon successful completion, an error code otherwise

Definition at line 1055 of file cr-om-parser.c.

References cr_om_parser_destroy(), cr_om_parser_new(), cr_om_parser_parse_paths_to_cascade(), and cr_utils_trace_info.

        enum CRStatus status = CR_OK;
        CROMParser *parser = NULL;

        parser = cr_om_parser_new (NULL);
        if (!parser) {
                cr_utils_trace_info ("could not allocated om parser");
                cr_utils_trace_info ("System may be out of memory");
                return CR_ERROR;
        status = cr_om_parser_parse_paths_to_cascade (parser,
                                                      a_encoding, a_result);
        if (parser) {
                cr_om_parser_destroy (parser);
                parser = NULL;
        return status;

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