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Inkscape::UI::Dialog::ScriptDialogImpl Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::UI::Dialog::ScriptDialogImpl:


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Detailed Description

A script editor/executor

Definition at line 37 of file scriptdialog.cpp.

Public Member Functions

Gtk::Button * addResponseButton (const Gtk::StockID &stock_id, int response_id)
Gtk::Button * addResponseButton (const Glib::ustring &button_text, int response_id)
void clear ()
void execute (Inkscape::Extension::Script::InkscapeScript::ScriptLanguage lang)
void executePerl ()
void executePython ()
Glib::ustring const & getApplyLabel () const
SPDesktopgetDesktop ()
Glib::ustring const & getLabel () const
gchar const * getPrefsPath () const
int const & getVerb () const
virtual void present ()
void restorePanelPrefs ()
 ScriptDialogImpl ()
void setDefaultResponse (int response_id)
virtual void setDesktop (SPDesktop *desktop)
void setLabel (Glib::ustring const &label)
virtual void setOrientation (Gtk::AnchorType how)
void setResponseSensitive (int response_id, bool setting)
virtual sigc::signal< void,
*, SPDesktop * > & 
signalActivateDesktop ()
virtual sigc::signal< void,
*, SPDesktop * > & 
signalDeactiveDesktop ()
virtual sigc::signal< void,
SPDesktop *, SPDocument * > & 
signalDocumentReplaced ()
virtual sigc::signal< void > & signalPresent ()
virtual sigc::signal< void, int > & signalResponse ()
 ~ScriptDialogImpl ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ScriptDialoggetInstance ()
static void prep ()

Protected Member Functions

void _addResponseButton (Gtk::Button *button, int response_id)
virtual void _apply ()
Gtk::Box * _getContents ()
Inkscape::Selection_getSelection ()
virtual void _handleAction (int set_id, int item_id)
virtual void _handleResponse (int response_id)
void _regItem (Gtk::MenuItem *item, int group, int id)
void _setTargetFillable (PreviewFillable *target)

Protected Attributes

Gtk::AnchorType _anchor
bool _menu_desired
const gchar * _prefs_path
sigc::signal< void,
*, SPDesktop * > 
sigc::signal< void,
*, SPDesktop * > 
sigc::signal< void, SPDesktop
*, SPDocument * > 
sigc::signal< void > _signal_present
sigc::signal< void, int > _signal_response
Gtk::Tooltips _tooltips

Private Attributes

Gtk::TextView errorText
Gtk::Frame errorTextFrame
Gtk::ScrolledWindow errorTextScroll
Gtk::Menu fileMenu
Gtk::MenuBar menuBar
Gtk::TextView outputText
Gtk::Frame outputTextFrame
Gtk::ScrolledWindow outputTextScroll
Gtk::TextView scriptText
Gtk::Frame scriptTextFrame
Gtk::ScrolledWindow scriptTextScroll

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