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 * Copyright (C) 2007 Authors:
 *   Christopher Brown <audiere@gmail.com>
 *   Ted Gould <ted@gould.cx>
 * Released under GNU GPL, read the file 'COPYING' for more information

#include "extension/effect.h"
#include "extension/system.h"

#include "channel.h"

namespace Inkscape {
namespace Extension {
namespace Internal {
namespace Bitmap {
Channel::applyEffect(Magick::Image *image) {    
      Magick::ChannelType layer = Magick::UndefinedChannel;
      if (!strcmp(_layerName,      "Red Channel"))          layer = Magick::RedChannel;
      else if (!strcmp(_layerName, "Green Channel"))        layer = Magick::GreenChannel;
      else if (!strcmp(_layerName, "Blue Channel"))         layer = Magick::BlueChannel;
      else if (!strcmp(_layerName, "Cyan Channel"))         layer = Magick::CyanChannel;
      else if (!strcmp(_layerName, "Magenta Channel"))      layer = Magick::MagentaChannel;
      else if (!strcmp(_layerName, "Yellow Channel"))       layer = Magick::YellowChannel;
      else if (!strcmp(_layerName, "Black Channel"))        layer = Magick::BlackChannel;
      else if (!strcmp(_layerName, "Opacity Channel"))      layer = Magick::OpacityChannel;
      else if (!strcmp(_layerName, "Matte Channel"))        layer = Magick::MatteChannel;       

Channel::refreshParameters(Inkscape::Extension::Effect *module) { 
      _layerName = module->get_param_enum("layer");

#include "../clear-n_.h"

                  "<name>" N_("Channel") "</name>\n"
                  "<param name=\"layer\" gui-text=\"" N_("Layer") "\" type=\"enum\" >\n"
                        "<_item value='Red Channel'>" N_("Red Channel") "</_item>\n"
                        "<_item value='Green Channel'>" N_("Green Channel") "</_item>\n"
                        "<_item value='Blue Channel'>" N_("Blue Channel") "</_item>\n"
                        "<_item value='Cyan Channel'>" N_("Cyan Channel") "</_item>\n"
                        "<_item value='Magenta Channel'>" N_("Magenta Channel") "</_item>\n"
                        "<_item value='Yellow Channel'>" N_("Yellow Channel") "</_item>\n"
                        "<_item value='Black Channel'>" N_("Black Channel") "</_item>\n"
                        "<_item value='Opacity Channel'>" N_("Opacity Channel") "</_item>\n"
                        "<_item value='Matte Channel'>" N_("Matte Channel") "</_item>\n"
                              "<submenu name=\"" N_("Raster") "\" />\n"
                        "<menu-tip>" N_("Extract specific channel from image.") "</menu-tip>\n"
            "</inkscape-extension>\n", new Channel());

}; /* namespace Bitmap */
}; /* namespace Internal */
}; /* namespace Extension */
}; /* namespace Inkscape */

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