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Geom::Point Class Reference

#include <point.h>

Inherited by Inkscape::LivePathEffect::PointParam.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Cartesian point.

Definition at line 20 of file point.h.

Public Member Functions

Point ccw () const
Point cw () const
Coord length () const
void normalize ()
Point operator* (double const s) const
Pointoperator*= (Matrix const &m)
Pointoperator*= (double const s)
Point operator+ (Point const &o) const
Pointoperator+= (Point const &o)
Point operator- () const
Point operator- (Point const &o) const
Pointoperator-= (Point const &o)
Point operator/ (double const s) const
Pointoperator/= (double const s)
Pointoperator= (Point const &p)
int operator== (const Point &in_pnt)
Coordoperator[] (Dim2 d) throw ()
Coord operator[] (Dim2 d) const throw ()
Coordoperator[] (unsigned i)
Coord operator[] (unsigned i) const
 Point (Point const &p)
 Point (Coord x, Coord y)
void round (int places=0)
 A function to lower the precision of the point.

Static Public Member Functions

static Point polar (Coord angle, Coord radius)

Private Attributes

Coord _pt [2]


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out_file, const Geom::Point &in_pnt)

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