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sp-tref.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

SVG <tref> implementation - All character data within the referenced element, including character data enclosed within additional markup, will be rendered.

This file was created based on skeleton.cpp

Definition in file sp-tref.cpp.

#include <glibmm/i18n.h>
#include "attributes.h"
#include "document.h"
#include "sp-object-repr.h"
#include "sp-text.h"
#include "sp-tspan.h"
#include "sp-tref.h"
#include "style.h"
#include "text-editing.h"
#include "uri.h"
#include "display/nr-arena-group.h"
#include "libnr/nr-matrix-fns.h"
#include "xml/node.h"
#include "xml/repr.h"

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#define __SP_TREF_CPP__
#define debug(f, a...)


static void build_string_from_root (Inkscape::XML::Node *root, Glib::ustring *retString)
static void sp_tref_bbox (SPItem const *item, NRRect *bbox, NR::Matrix const &transform, unsigned const flags)
static void sp_tref_build (SPObject *object, SPDocument *document, Inkscape::XML::Node *repr)
static void sp_tref_class_init (SPTRefClass *tref_class)
SPObjectsp_tref_convert_to_tspan (SPObject *obj)
static void sp_tref_delete_self (SPObject *deleted, SPTRef *self)
static gchar * sp_tref_description (SPItem *item)
static void sp_tref_finalize (GObject *obj)
bool sp_tref_fully_contained (SPObject *start_item, Glib::ustring::iterator &start, SPObject *end_item, Glib::ustring::iterator &end)
GType sp_tref_get_type ()
static void sp_tref_href_changed (SPObject *old_ref, SPObject *ref, SPTRef *tref)
static void sp_tref_init (SPTRef *tref)
static void sp_tref_modified (SPObject *object, guint flags)
bool sp_tref_reference_allowed (SPTRef *tref, SPObject *possible_ref)
static void sp_tref_release (SPObject *object)
static void sp_tref_set (SPObject *object, unsigned int key, gchar const *value)
static void sp_tref_update (SPObject *object, SPCtx *ctx, guint flags)
void sp_tref_update_text (SPTRef *tref)
static Inkscape::XML::Nodesp_tref_write (SPObject *object, Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, guint flags)


static SPObjectClasstref_parent_class

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