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EgeSelectOneAction* ege_select_one_action_new ( const gchar *  name,
const gchar *  label,
const gchar *  tooltip,
const gchar *  stock_id,
GtkTreeModel *  model 

Creates a new EgeSelectOneAction instance. This is a GtkAction subclass that represents a set of values the user may select one from at a given time. This can manifest as a popup menu, a ComboBox, a set of toggle buttons, etc.

name Functional name for the action.
label Display label for the action.
tooltip Tooltip for the action.
stock_id Icon id to use.
model the source of choices to present.

Definition at line 239 of file ege-select-one-action.cpp.

    GObject* obj = (GObject*)g_object_new( EGE_SELECT_ONE_ACTION_TYPE,
                                           "name", name,
                                           "label", label,
                                           "tooltip", tooltip,
                                           "stock_id", stock_id,
                                           "model", model,
                                           "active", 0,
                                           "icon-property", "stock-id",
                                           NULL );

    EgeSelectOneAction* action = EGE_SELECT_ONE_ACTION( obj );

    return action;

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