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SPEventContext Class Reference

#include <event-context.h>

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SPPencilContext SPPenContext

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Detailed Description

Base class for Event processors.

SPEventContext is an abstract base class of all tools. As the name indicates, event context implementations process UI events (mouse movements and keypresses) and take actions (like creating or modifying objects). There is one event context implementation for each tool, plus few abstract base classes. Writing a new tool involves subclassing SPEventContext.

Definition at line 44 of file event-context.h.

Public Member Functions

Inkscape::MessageContextdefaultMessageContext ()
void enableGrDrag (bool enable=true)
void enableSelectionCue (bool enable=true)
GrDragget_drag ()

Public Attributes

Inkscape::SelCue * _selcue
GdkCursor * cursor
gchar ** cursor_shape
gint hot_x
gint hot_y
unsigned key
 Desktop eventcontext stack.
SPKnotHolder * shape_knot_holder
gint tolerance
bool within_tolerance
 are we still within tolerance of origin
gint xp
gint yp
 where drag started

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