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static void sp_root_modified ( SPObject object,
guint  flags 
) [static]

Calls the modified routine of the SPRoot object's parent class. Also, if the viewport has been modified, it sets the document size to the new height and width.

Definition at line 558 of file sp-root.cpp.

References SPRoot::height, SPObject::parent, and SPRoot::width.

Referenced by sp_root_class_init().

    SPRoot *root = SP_ROOT(object);

    if (((SPObjectClass *) (parent_class))->modified)
        (* ((SPObjectClass *) (parent_class))->modified)(object, flags);

    /* fixme: (Lauris) */
    if (!object->parent && (flags & SP_OBJECT_VIEWPORT_MODIFIED_FLAG)) {
        sp_document_resized_signal_emit (SP_OBJECT_DOCUMENT(root), root->width.computed, root->height.computed);

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