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void sp_knot_update_ctrl ( SPKnot knot  ) 

Update knot's pixbuf and set its control state.

Definition at line 625 of file knot.cpp.

References SPKnot::anchor, SPKnot::item, SPKnot::mode, SPKnot::pixbuf, SPKnot::shape, SPKnot::size, and sp_knot_set_ctrl_state().

Referenced by sp_node_ensure_knot_exists(), sp_node_set_selected(), sp_nodepath_node_new(), and sp_nodepath_set_node_type().

    if (!knot->item) {

    gtk_object_set(GTK_OBJECT(knot->item), "shape", knot->shape, NULL);
    gtk_object_set(GTK_OBJECT(knot->item), "mode", knot->mode, NULL);
    gtk_object_set(GTK_OBJECT(knot->item), "size", (gdouble) knot->size, NULL);
    gtk_object_set(GTK_OBJECT(knot->item), "anchor", knot->anchor, NULL);
    if (knot->pixbuf) {
        gtk_object_set(GTK_OBJECT (knot->item), "pixbuf", knot->pixbuf, NULL);


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