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static void sp_style_paint_server_release ( SPObject obj,
SPStyle style 
) [static]

Disconnects from possible fill and stroke paint servers.

Definition at line 2008 of file style.cpp.

References SPStyle::fill, SPIPaint::paint, sp_style_paint_clear(), SPStyle::stroke, SPIPaint::type, and SPIPaint::value.

Referenced by sp_style_read_ipaint().

    SPPaintServer *server=static_cast<SPPaintServer *>(obj);
    if ((style->fill.type == SP_PAINT_TYPE_PAINTSERVER)
        && (server == style->fill.value.paint.server))
        sp_style_paint_clear(style, &style->fill);

    if ((style->stroke.type == SP_PAINT_TYPE_PAINTSERVER)
        && (server == style->stroke.value.paint.server))
        sp_style_paint_clear(style, &style->stroke);

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