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void sp_canvas_item_request_update ( SPCanvasItem item  ) 

Requests that the canvas queue an update for the specified item.

To be used only by item implementations.

Definition at line 605 of file sp-canvas.cpp.

References SPCanvasItem::canvas, SPCanvasItem::parent, sp_canvas_item_request_update(), and sp_canvas_request_update().

Referenced by group_add(), sp_canvas_item_affine_absolute(), sp_canvas_item_construct(), and sp_canvas_item_request_update().

    if (item->flags & SP_CANVAS_ITEM_NEED_UPDATE)

    item->flags |= SP_CANVAS_ITEM_NEED_UPDATE;

    if (item->parent != NULL) {
        /* Recurse up the tree */
        sp_canvas_item_request_update (item->parent);
    } else {
        /* Have reached the top of the tree, make sure the update call gets scheduled. */
        sp_canvas_request_update (item->canvas);

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