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org::w3c::dom::io::StdReader Class Reference

#include <domstream.h>

Inheritance diagram for org::w3c::dom::io::StdReader:

org::w3c::dom::io::BasicReader org::w3c::dom::io::Reader

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Convenience class for reading formatted from standard input

Definition at line 438 of file domstream.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int available ()
virtual void close ()
virtual int get ()
virtual ReaderreadBool (bool &val)
virtual ReaderreadDouble (double &val)
virtual ReaderreadFloat (float &val)
virtual ReaderreadInt (int &val)
virtual DOMString readLine ()
virtual ReaderreadLong (long &val)
virtual ReaderreadShort (short &val)
virtual ReaderreadUnsignedInt (unsigned int &val)
virtual ReaderreadUnsignedLong (unsigned long &val)
virtual ReaderreadUnsignedShort (unsigned short &val)
virtual DOMString readWord ()

Protected Attributes


Private Attributes


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