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GrDragger Struct Reference

#include <gradient-drag.h>

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Detailed Description

This class holds together a visible on-canvas knot and a list of draggables that need to be moved when the knot moves. Normally there's one draggable in the list, but there may be more when draggers are snapped together.

Definition at line 55 of file gradient-drag.h.

Public Member Functions

void addDraggable (GrDraggable *draggable)
void fireDraggables (bool write_repr, bool scale_radial=false, bool merging_focus=false)
 GrDragger (GrDrag *parent, NR::Point p, GrDraggable *draggable)
bool isA (SPItem *item, guint point_num, bool fill_or_stroke)
bool isA (guint point_num)
bool mayMerge (GrDraggable *da2)
bool mayMerge (GrDragger *other)
void moveOtherToDraggable (SPItem *item, guint point_num, bool fill_or_stroke, bool write_repr)
void moveThisToDraggable (SPItem *item, guint point_num, bool fill_or_stroke, bool write_repr)
void updateDependencies (bool write_repr)
void updateKnotShape ()
void updateTip ()

Public Attributes

GSList * draggables
guint handler_id
NR::Point point
NR::Point point_original

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