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void GrDrag::updateLines (  ) 

Regenerates the lines list from the current selection; is called on each move of a dragger, so that lines are always in sync with the actual gradient

Definition at line 997 of file gradient-drag.cpp.

References addLine(), SPStyle::fill, Inkscape::Selection::itemList(), SPStyle::stroke, and SPIPaint::type.

    // delete old lines
    for (GSList const *i = this->lines; i != NULL; i = i->next) {
        gtk_object_destroy( GTK_OBJECT (i->data));
    g_slist_free (this->lines);
    this->lines = NULL;

    g_return_if_fail (this->selection != NULL);

    for (GSList const* i = this->selection->itemList(); i != NULL; i = i->next) {

        SPItem *item = SP_ITEM(i->data);

        SPStyle *style = SP_OBJECT_STYLE (item);

        if (style && (style->fill.type == SP_PAINT_TYPE_PAINTSERVER)) {
            SPObject *server = SP_OBJECT_STYLE_FILL_SERVER (item);
            if (SP_IS_LINEARGRADIENT (server)) {
                this->addLine (sp_item_gradient_get_coords (item, POINT_LG_P1, true), sp_item_gradient_get_coords (item, POINT_LG_P2, true), GR_LINE_COLOR_FILL);
            } else if (SP_IS_RADIALGRADIENT (server)) {
                NR::Point center = sp_item_gradient_get_coords (item, POINT_RG_CENTER, true);
                this->addLine (center, sp_item_gradient_get_coords (item, POINT_RG_R1, true), GR_LINE_COLOR_FILL);
                this->addLine (center, sp_item_gradient_get_coords (item, POINT_RG_R2, true), GR_LINE_COLOR_FILL);

        if (style && (style->stroke.type == SP_PAINT_TYPE_PAINTSERVER)) {
            SPObject *server = SP_OBJECT_STYLE_STROKE_SERVER (item);
            if (SP_IS_LINEARGRADIENT (server)) {
                this->addLine (sp_item_gradient_get_coords (item, POINT_LG_P1, false), sp_item_gradient_get_coords (item, POINT_LG_P2, false), GR_LINE_COLOR_STROKE);
            } else if (SP_IS_RADIALGRADIENT (server)) {
                NR::Point center = sp_item_gradient_get_coords (item, POINT_RG_CENTER, false);
                this->addLine (center, sp_item_gradient_get_coords (item, POINT_RG_R1, false), GR_LINE_COLOR_STROKE);
                this->addLine (center, sp_item_gradient_get_coords (item, POINT_RG_R2, false), GR_LINE_COLOR_STROKE);

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