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repr.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

A few non-inline functions of the C facade to Inkscape::XML::Node.

Definition in file repr.cpp.

#include "xml/repr.h"
#include "xml/text-node.h"
#include "xml/element-node.h"
#include "xml/comment-node.h"
#include "xml/simple-document.h"

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Inkscape::XML::Document * sp_repr_document_new (char const *rootname)
 Returns new document having as first child a node named rootname.
Inkscape::XML::Document * sp_repr_document_new_list (GSList *reprs)
 Returns new document having reprs as first child.
Inkscape::XML::Nodesp_repr_new (gchar const *name)
 Returns new node.
Inkscape::XML::Nodesp_repr_new_comment (gchar const *comment)
 Returns new commentnode with comment. See Inkscape::XML::CommentNode.
Inkscape::XML::Nodesp_repr_new_text (gchar const *content)
 Returns new textnode with content. See Inkscape::XML::TextNode.

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