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cr-tknzr.c File Reference

Detailed Description

The definition of the CRTknzr (tokenizer) class.

Definition in file cr-tknzr.c.

#include "string.h"
#include "cr-tknzr.h"
#include "cr-doc-handler.h"

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struct  _CRTknzrPriv


#define BYTE(a_input, a_n, a_eof)   cr_input_peek_byte2 (a_input, a_n, a_eof)
#define CHECK_PARSING_STATUS(status, is_exception)
#define ENSURE_PARSING_COND(condition)   if (! (condition)) {status = CR_PARSING_ERROR; goto error ;}
#define IS_NUM(a_char)   (((a_char) >= '0' && (a_char) <= '9')?TRUE:FALSE)
#define PEEK_BYTE(a_tknzr, a_offset, a_byte_ptr)
#define PEEK_NEXT_CHAR(a_tknzr, a_to_char)
#define PRIVATE(obj)   ((obj)->priv)
#define READ_NEXT_BYTE(a_tknzr, a_byte_ptr)
#define READ_NEXT_CHAR(a_tknzr, to_char)
#define RECORD_CUR_BYTE_ADDR(a_tknzr, a_addr)
#define RECORD_INITIAL_POS(a_tknzr, a_pos)
#define SKIP_BYTES(a_tknzr, a_nb_bytes)
#define SKIP_CHARS(a_tknzr, a_nb_chars)


static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_comment (CRTknzr *a_this, CRString **a_comment)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_escape (CRTknzr *a_this, guint32 *a_esc_code, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_hash (CRTknzr *a_this, CRString **a_str)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_ident (CRTknzr *a_this, CRString **a_str)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_name (CRTknzr *a_this, CRString **a_str)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_nl (CRTknzr *a_this, guchar **a_start, guchar **a_end, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_nmchar (CRTknzr *a_this, guint32 *a_char, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_nmstart (CRTknzr *a_this, guint32 *a_char, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_rgb (CRTknzr *a_this, CRRgb **a_rgb)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_string (CRTknzr *a_this, CRString **a_str)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_unicode_escape (CRTknzr *a_this, guint32 *a_unicode, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_uri (CRTknzr *a_this, CRString **a_str)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_w (CRTknzr *a_this, guchar **a_start, guchar **a_end, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_try_to_skip_spaces (CRTknzr *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_consume_chars (CRTknzr *a_this, guint32 a_char, glong *a_nb_char)
void cr_tknzr_destroy (CRTknzr *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_get_cur_byte_addr (CRTknzr *a_this, guchar **a_addr)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_get_cur_pos (CRTknzr *a_this, CRInputPos *a_pos)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_get_input (CRTknzr *a_this, CRInput **a_input)
glong cr_tknzr_get_nb_bytes_left (CRTknzr *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_get_next_token (CRTknzr *a_this, CRToken **a_tk)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_get_parsing_location (CRTknzr *a_this, CRParsingLocation *a_loc)
CRTknzr * cr_tknzr_new (CRInput *a_input)
CRTknzr * cr_tknzr_new_from_buf (guchar *a_buf, gulong a_len, enum CREncoding a_enc, gboolean a_free_at_destroy)
CRTknzr * cr_tknzr_new_from_uri (const guchar *a_file_uri, enum CREncoding a_enc)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_atkeyword (CRTknzr *a_this, CRString **a_str)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_important (CRTknzr *a_this, CRParsingLocation *a_location)
static enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_num (CRTknzr *a_this, CRNum **a_num)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_parse_token (CRTknzr *a_this, enum CRTokenType a_type, enum CRTokenExtraType a_et, gpointer a_res, gpointer a_extra_res)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_peek_byte (CRTknzr *a_this, gulong a_offset, guchar *a_byte)
guchar cr_tknzr_peek_byte2 (CRTknzr *a_this, gulong a_offset, gboolean *a_eof)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_peek_char (CRTknzr *a_this, guint32 *a_char)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_read_byte (CRTknzr *a_this, guchar *a_byte)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_read_char (CRTknzr *a_this, guint32 *a_char)
void cr_tknzr_ref (CRTknzr *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_seek_index (CRTknzr *a_this, enum CRSeekPos a_origin, gint a_pos)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_set_cur_pos (CRTknzr *a_this, CRInputPos *a_pos)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_set_input (CRTknzr *a_this, CRInput *a_input)
enum CRStatus cr_tknzr_unget_token (CRTknzr *a_this, CRToken *a_token)
gboolean cr_tknzr_unref (CRTknzr *a_this)

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