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enum CRStatus cr_statement_ruleset_get_declarations ( CRStatement *  a_this,
CRDeclaration **  a_decl_list 

Gets a pointer to the list of declaration contained in the ruleset statement.

a_this the current instance of CRStatement. out parameter. A pointer to the the returned list of declaration. Must not be NULL.
CR_OK upon successfull completion, an error code if something bad happened.

Definition at line 1915 of file cr-statement.c.

        g_return_val_if_fail (a_this
                              && a_this->type == RULESET_STMT
                              && a_this->kind.ruleset
                              && a_decl_list, CR_BAD_PARAM_ERROR);

        *a_decl_list = a_this->kind.ruleset->decl_list;

        return CR_OK;

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