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CRDeclaration* cr_declaration_append2 ( CRDeclaration a_this,
CRString *  a_prop,
CRTerm a_value 

Appends a declaration to the current declaration list.

a_this the current declaration list.
a_prop the property string of the declaration to append.
a_value the value of the declaration to append.
the list with the new property appended to it, or NULL in case of an error.

Definition at line 401 of file cr-declaration.c.

References cr_declaration_append(), and cr_declaration_new().

Referenced by cr_statement_at_font_face_rule_add_decl(), and cr_statement_ruleset_append_decl2().

        CRDeclaration *new_elem = NULL;

        if (a_this) {
                new_elem = cr_declaration_new (a_this->parent_statement,
                                               a_prop, a_value);
        } else {
                new_elem = cr_declaration_new (NULL, a_prop, a_value);

        g_return_val_if_fail (new_elem, NULL);

        return cr_declaration_append (a_this, new_elem);

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