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Inkscape::UI::Dialogs::ExtensionsPanel Class Reference

#include <extensions.h>

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::UI::Dialogs::ExtensionsPanel:

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Detailed Description

A panel that displays information about extensions.

Definition at line 32 of file extensions.h.

Public Member Functions

 ExtensionsPanel ()
Glib::ustring const & getLabel () const
void restorePanelPrefs ()
void set_full (bool full)
void setLabel (Glib::ustring const &label)
virtual void setOrientation (Gtk::AnchorType how)

Static Public Member Functions

static ExtensionsPanelgetInstance ()

Public Attributes

const gchar * _prefs_path

Protected Member Functions

Gtk::Box * _getContents ()
virtual void _handleAction (int setId, int itemId)
void _regItem (Gtk::MenuItem *item, int group, int id)
void _setTargetFillable (PreviewFillable *target)

Protected Attributes

Gtk::AnchorType _anchor
bool _menuDesired

Private Member Functions

 ExtensionsPanel (ExtensionsPanel const &)
ExtensionsPaneloperator= (ExtensionsPanel const &)
void rescan ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void listCB (Inkscape::Extension::Extension *in_plug, gpointer in_data)

Private Attributes

bool _showAll
Gtk::TextView _view

Static Private Attributes

static ExtensionsPanelinstance = 0

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