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Inkscape::PanelDialog Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::PanelDialog:

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Detailed Description

!!!FIXME:: kill this, use DialogManager instead!!!

Definition at line 111 of file verbs.cpp.

Public Member Functions

virtual void onDesktopActivated (SPDesktop *)
virtual void onHideF12 ()
virtual void onShowF12 ()
virtual void onShutdown ()
 PanelDialog (char const *prefs_path, int const verb_num)
virtual void present ()
void read_geometry ()
void save_geometry ()

Public Attributes

bool _hiddenF12
const char * _prefs_path
bool _user_hidden
bool retransientize_suppress

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _apply ()
virtual void _close ()
Inkscape::Selection_getSelection ()
virtual bool on_delete_event (GdkEventAny *)
virtual void on_response (int response_id)

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool windowKeyPress (GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventKey *event)

Protected Attributes

sigc::connection _desktop_activated_connection
sigc::connection _dialogs_hidden_connection
sigc::connection _dialogs_unhidden_connection
sigc::connection _shutdown_connection
Gtk::Tooltips tooltips

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