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DummyVarPair Class Reference

#include <gradient_projection.h>

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Detailed Description

A DummyVarPair is a pair of variables with an ideal distance between them and which have no other interaction with other variables apart from through constraints. This means that the entries in the laplacian matrix for dummy vars and other vars would be 0 - thus, sparse matrix techniques can be used in laplacian operations. The constraints are specified by a two lists of pairs of variable indexes and required separation. The two lists are: leftof: variables to which left must be to the left of, rightof: variables to which right must be to the right of.

Definition at line 77 of file gradient_projection.h.

Public Member Functions

void computeLinearTerm (double euclideanDistance)
 DummyVarPair (double desiredDist)
double stress (double euclideanDistance)

Public Attributes

CList leftof
double place_l
double place_r
CList rightof

Private Member Functions

double absoluteDisplacement ()
void betaCalc (double &numerator, double &denominator)
void computeDescentVector ()
void feasibleDescent (double beta)
void setupVPSC (Variables &vars, Constraints &cs)
void steepestDescent (double alpha)
void updatePosition ()

Private Attributes

double b
double dist
double g
double lap2
vpsc::Variable * left
double old_place_l
double old_place_r
vpsc::Variable * right


class GradientProjection

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