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 * \brief A block is a group of variables that must be moved together to improve
 * the goal function without violating already active constraints.
 * The variables in a block are spanned by a tree of active constraints.
 * Authors:
 *   Tim Dwyer <tgdwyer@gmail.com>
 * Copyright (C) 2005 Authors
 * Released under GNU LGPL.  Read the file 'COPYING' for more information.


#include <vector>
#include <iostream>
template <class T> class PairingHeap;
namespace vpsc {
class Variable;
class Constraint;

class Block
      typedef std::vector<Variable*> Variables;
      typedef std::vector<Constraint*>::iterator Cit;
      typedef std::vector<Variable*>::iterator Vit;

      friend std::ostream& operator <<(std::ostream &os,const Block &b);
      Variables *vars;
      double posn;
      double weight;
      double wposn;
      Block(Variable* const v=NULL);
      Constraint* findMinLM();
      Constraint* findMinLMBetween(Variable* const lv, Variable* const rv);
      Constraint* findMinInConstraint();
      Constraint* findMinOutConstraint();
      void deleteMinInConstraint();
      void deleteMinOutConstraint();
      double desiredWeightedPosition();
      void merge(Block *b, Constraint *c, double dist);
      void merge(Block *b, Constraint *c);
      void mergeIn(Block *b);
      void mergeOut(Block *b);
      void split(Block *&l, Block *&r, Constraint *c);
      Constraint* splitBetween(Variable* vl, Variable* vr, Block* &lb, Block* &rb);
      void setUpInConstraints();
      void setUpOutConstraints();
      double cost();
      bool deleted;
      long timeStamp;
      PairingHeap<Constraint*> *in;
      PairingHeap<Constraint*> *out;
      bool isActiveDirectedPathBetween(Variable* u, Variable *v);
      typedef enum {NONE, LEFT, RIGHT} Direction;
      typedef std::pair<double, Constraint*> Pair;
      void reset_active_lm(Variable* const v, Variable* const u);
      double compute_dfdv(Variable* const v, Variable* const u,
                        Constraint *&min_lm);
      Pair compute_dfdv_between(
                  Variable*, Variable* const, Variable* const,
                        const Direction, bool);
      bool canFollowLeft(Constraint *c, const Variable* const last);
      bool canFollowRight(Constraint *c, const Variable* const last);
      void populateSplitBlock(Block *b, Variable* const v, Variable* const u);
      void addVariable(Variable* const v);
      void setUpConstraintHeap(PairingHeap<Constraint*>* &h,bool in);


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