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NR::Rect SPDesktop::get_display_area (  )  const

Return viewbox dimensions.

Definition at line 681 of file desktop.cpp.

References SPCanvas::getViewbox(), NR::Rect::max(), and NR::Rect::min().

Referenced by isWithinViewport(), Inkscape::ZoomVerb::perform(), push_current_zoom(), sp_desktop_widget_size_allocate(), zoom_page_width(), and zoom_relative_keep_point().

    NR::Rect const viewbox = canvas->getViewbox();

    double const scale = _d2w[0];

    return NR::Rect(NR::Point(viewbox.min()[NR::X] / scale, viewbox.max()[NR::Y] / -scale),
                    NR::Point(viewbox.max()[NR::X] / scale, viewbox.min()[NR::Y] / -scale));

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