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void SPDesktop::next_zoom (  ) 

Set zoom to next in list.

Definition at line 720 of file desktop.cpp.

References Inkscape::MessageStack::flash(), Inkscape::UI::View::View::messageStack(), push_current_zoom(), and set_display_area().

Referenced by Inkscape::ZoomVerb::perform().

    if (zooms_future == NULL) {
        this->messageStack()->flash(Inkscape::WARNING_MESSAGE, _("No next zoom."));

    // push current zoom into past zooms list
    push_current_zoom (&zooms_past);

    // restore next zoom
    set_display_area (((NRRect *) zooms_future->data)->x0,
            ((NRRect *) zooms_future->data)->y0,
            ((NRRect *) zooms_future->data)->x1,
            ((NRRect *) zooms_future->data)->y1,
            0, false);

    // remove the just-used zoom from the zooms_future list
    zooms_future = g_list_remove (zooms_future, ((NRRect *) zooms_future->data));

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