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 * \brief Inkscape Preferences dialog
 * Authors:
 *   Carl Hetherington
 *   Marco Scholten
 *   Johan Engelen <j.b.c.engelen@ewi.utwente.nl>
 * Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Authors
 * Released under GNU GPL.  Read the file 'COPYING' for more information.

# include <config.h>

#include <gtkmm/main.h>
#include <gtkmm/frame.h>
#include <gtkmm/scrolledwindow.h>
#include <gtkmm/alignment.h>

#include "prefs-utils.h"
#include "inkscape-preferences.h"
#include "verbs.h"
#include "selcue.h"
#include "unit-constants.h"
#include <iostream>
#include "enums.h"
#include "inkscape.h"
#include "desktop-handles.h"
#include "message-stack.h"
#include "style.h"
#include "selection.h"
#include "selection-chemistry.h"
#include "xml/repr.h"
#include "ui/widget/style-swatch.h"
#include "display/nr-filter-gaussian.h"

namespace Inkscape {
namespace UI {
namespace Dialog {

    : Dialog ("dialogs.preferences", SP_VERB_DIALOG_DISPLAY),
    //get the width of a spinbutton
    Gtk::SpinButton* sb = new Gtk::SpinButton;
    Gtk:: Requisition sreq;
    _sb_width = sreq.width;
    delete sb;

    //Main HBox
    Gtk::HBox* hbox_list_page = Gtk::manage(new Gtk::HBox());

    Gtk::Frame* list_frame = Gtk::manage(new Gtk::Frame());
    Gtk::ScrolledWindow* scrolled_window = Gtk::manage(new Gtk::ScrolledWindow());
    hbox_list_page->pack_start(*list_frame, false, true, 0);
    scrolled_window->set_policy(Gtk::POLICY_NEVER, Gtk::POLICY_AUTOMATIC);
    _page_list_model = Gtk::TreeStore::create(_page_list_columns);
      Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::TreeSelection> page_list_selection = _page_list.get_selection();
      page_list_selection->signal_changed().connect(sigc::mem_fun(*this, &InkscapePreferences::on_pagelist_selection_changed));
    Gtk::VBox* vbox_page = Gtk::manage(new Gtk::VBox());
    Gtk::Frame* title_frame = Gtk::manage(new Gtk::Frame());
    hbox_list_page->pack_start(*vbox_page, true, true, 0);
    vbox_page->pack_start(*title_frame, false, false, 0);
    vbox_page->pack_start(_page_frame, true, true, 0);


    //calculate the size request for this dialog
    _page_list_model->foreach_iter(sigc::mem_fun(*this, &InkscapePreferences::SetMaxDialogSize)); 
    this->set_size_request(_max_dialog_width, _max_dialog_height);


void InkscapePreferences::present()
    _page_list_model->foreach_iter(sigc::mem_fun(*this, &InkscapePreferences::PresentPage)); 

Gtk::TreeModel::iterator InkscapePreferences::AddPage(DialogPage& p, Glib::ustring title, int id)
    return AddPage(p, title, Gtk::TreeModel::iterator() , id);

Gtk::TreeModel::iterator InkscapePreferences::AddPage(DialogPage& p, Glib::ustring title, Gtk::TreeModel::iterator parent, int id)
    Gtk::TreeModel::iterator iter;
    if (parent)
       iter = _page_list_model->append((*parent).children());
       iter = _page_list_model->append();
    Gtk::TreeModel::Row row = *iter;
    row[_page_list_columns._col_name] = title;
    row[_page_list_columns._col_id] = id;
    row[_page_list_columns._col_page] = &p;
    return iter;

void InkscapePreferences::initPageMouse()
    this->AddPage(_page_mouse, _("Mouse"), PREFS_PAGE_MOUSE);
    _mouse_sens.init ( "options.cursortolerance", "value", 0.0, 30.0, 1.0, 1.0, 8.0, true, false);
    _page_mouse.add_line( false, _("Grab sensitivity:"), _mouse_sens, _("pixels"), 
                           _("How close on the screen you need to be to an object to be able to grab it with mouse (in screen pixels)"), false);
    _mouse_thres.init ( "options.dragtolerance", "value", 0.0, 20.0, 1.0, 1.0, 4.0, true, false);
    _page_mouse.add_line( false, _("Click/drag threshold:"), _mouse_thres, _("pixels"), 
                           _("Maximum mouse drag (in screen pixels) which is considered a click, not a drag"), false);

void InkscapePreferences::initPageScrolling()
    this->AddPage(_page_scrolling, _("Scrolling"), PREFS_PAGE_SCROLLING);
    _scroll_wheel.init ( "options.wheelscroll", "value", 0.0, 1000.0, 1.0, 1.0, 40.0, true, false);
    _page_scrolling.add_line( false, _("Mouse wheel scrolls by:"), _scroll_wheel, _("pixels"), 
                           _("One mouse wheel notch scrolls by this distance in screen pixels (horizontally with Shift)"), false);
    _page_scrolling.add_group_header( _("Ctrl+arrows"));
    _scroll_arrow_px.init ( "options.keyscroll", "value", 0.0, 1000.0, 1.0, 1.0, 10.0, true, false);
    _page_scrolling.add_line( true, _("Scroll by:"), _scroll_arrow_px, _("pixels"), 
                           _("Pressing Ctrl+arrow key scrolls by this distance (in screen pixels)"), false);
    _scroll_arrow_acc.init ( "options.scrollingacceleration", "value", 0.0, 5.0, 0.01, 1.0, 0.35, false, false);
    _page_scrolling.add_line( true, _("Acceleration:"), _scroll_arrow_acc, "", 
                           _("Pressing and holding Ctrl+arrow will gradually speed up scrolling (0 for no acceleration)"), false);
    _page_scrolling.add_group_header( _("Autoscrolling"));
    _scroll_auto_speed.init ( "options.autoscrollspeed", "value", 0.0, 5.0, 0.01, 1.0, 0.7, false, false);
    _page_scrolling.add_line( true, _("Speed:"), _scroll_auto_speed, "", 
                           _("How fast the canvas autoscrolls when you drag beyond canvas edge (0 to turn autoscroll off)"), false);
    _scroll_auto_thres.init ( "options.autoscrolldistance", "value", -600.0, 600.0, 1.0, 1.0, -10.0, true, false);
    _page_scrolling.add_line( true, _("Threshold:"), _scroll_auto_thres, _("pixels"), 
                           _("How far (in screen pixels) you need to be from the canvas edge to trigger autoscroll; positive is outside the canvas, negative is within the canvas"), false);

void InkscapePreferences::initPageSteps()
    this->AddPage(_page_steps, _("Steps"), PREFS_PAGE_STEPS);

    _steps_arrow.init ( "options.nudgedistance", "value", 0.0, 3000.0, 0.01, 1.0, 2.0, false, false);
    _page_steps.add_line( false, _("Arrow keys move by:"), _steps_arrow, _("px"), 
                          _("Pressing an arrow key moves selected object(s) or node(s) by this distance (in px units)"), false);
    _steps_scale.init ( "options.defaultscale", "value", 0.0, 3000.0, 0.01, 1.0, 2.0, false, false);
    _page_steps.add_line( false, _("> and < scale by:"), _steps_scale, _("px"), 
                          _("Pressing > or < scales selection up or down by this increment (in px units)"), false);
    _steps_inset.init ( "options.defaultoffsetwidth", "value", 0.0, 3000.0, 0.01, 1.0, 2.0, false, false);
    _page_steps.add_line( false, _("Inset/Outset by:"), _steps_inset, _("px"), 
                          _("Inset and Outset commands displace the path by this distance (in px units)"), false);
    _steps_compass.init ( _("Compass-like display of angles"), "options.compassangledisplay", "value", true);
    _page_steps.add_line( false, "", _steps_compass, "", 
                            _("When on, angles are displayed with 0 at north, 0 to 360 range, positive clockwise; otherwise with 0 at east, -180 to 180 range, positive counterclockwise"));
    int const num_items = 12;
    Glib::ustring labels[num_items] = {"90", "60", "45", "30", "15", "10", "7.5", "6", "3", "2", "1", _("None")};
    int values[num_items] = {2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 60, 90, 180, 0};
    _steps_rot_snap.init("options.rotationsnapsperpi", "value", labels, values, num_items, 12);
    _page_steps.add_line( false, _("Rotation snaps every:"), _steps_rot_snap, _("degrees"), 
                           _("Rotating with Ctrl pressed snaps every that much degrees; also, pressing [ or ] rotates by this amount"), false);
    _steps_zoom.init ( "options.zoomincrement", "value", 101.0, 500.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.414213562, true, true);
    _page_steps.add_line( false, _("Zoom in/out by:"), _steps_zoom, _("%"), 
                          _("Zoom tool click, +/- keys, and middle click zoom in and out by this multiplier"), false);

void InkscapePreferences::AddSelcueCheckbox(DialogPage& p, const std::string& prefs_path, bool def_value)
    PrefCheckButton* cb = Gtk::manage( new PrefCheckButton);
    cb->init ( _("Show selection cue"), prefs_path, "selcue", def_value);
    p.add_line( false, "", *cb, "", _("Whether selected objects display a selection cue (the same as in selector)"));

void InkscapePreferences::AddGradientCheckbox(DialogPage& p, const std::string& prefs_path, bool def_value)
    PrefCheckButton* cb = Gtk::manage( new PrefCheckButton);
    cb->init ( _("Enable gradient editing"), prefs_path, "gradientdrag", def_value);
    p.add_line( false, "", *cb, "", _("Whether selected objects display gradient editing controls"));

void StyleFromSelectionToTool(gchar const *prefs_path, StyleSwatch *swatch)
    SPDesktop *desktop = SP_ACTIVE_DESKTOP;
    if (desktop == NULL)

    Inkscape::Selection *selection = sp_desktop_selection(desktop);

    if (selection->isEmpty()) {
                                       _("<b>No objects selected</b> to take the style from."));
    SPItem *item = selection->singleItem();
    if (!item) {
        /* TODO: If each item in the selection has the same style then don't consider it an error.
         * Maybe we should try to handle multiple selections anyway, e.g. the intersection of the
         * style attributes for the selected items. */
                                       _("<b>More than one object selected.</b>  Cannot take style from multiple objects."));

    SPCSSAttr *css = take_style_from_item (item);

    if (!css) return;

    // only store text style for the text tool
    if (!g_strrstr ((const gchar *) prefs_path, "text")) {
        css = sp_css_attr_unset_text (css);

    // we cannot store properties with uris - they will be invalid in other documents
    css = sp_css_attr_unset_uris (css);

    sp_repr_css_change (inkscape_get_repr (INKSCAPE, prefs_path), css, "style");
    sp_repr_css_attr_unref (css);

    // update the swatch
    if (swatch) {
        Inkscape::XML::Node *tool_repr = inkscape_get_repr(INKSCAPE, prefs_path);
        if (tool_repr) {
            SPCSSAttr *css = sp_repr_css_attr_inherited(tool_repr, "style");
            swatch->setStyle (css);

void InkscapePreferences::AddNewObjectsStyle(DialogPage& p, const std::string& prefs_path)

    p.add_group_header( _("Create new objects with:"));
    PrefRadioButton* current = Gtk::manage( new PrefRadioButton);
    current->init ( _("Last used style"), prefs_path, "usecurrent", 1, true, 0);
    p.add_line( true, "", *current, "",
                _("Apply the style you last set on an object"));

    PrefRadioButton* own = Gtk::manage( new PrefRadioButton);
    Gtk::HBox* hb = Gtk::manage( new Gtk::HBox);
    Gtk::Alignment* align = Gtk::manage( new Gtk::Alignment);
    own->init ( _("This tool's own style:"), prefs_path, "usecurrent", 0, false, current);
    p.set_tip( *own, _("Each tool may store its own style to apply to the newly created objects. Use the button below to set it."));
    p.add_line( true, "", *hb, "", "");

    // style swatch
    Inkscape::XML::Node *tool_repr = inkscape_get_repr(INKSCAPE, prefs_path.c_str());
    Gtk::Button* button = Gtk::manage( new Gtk::Button(_("Take from selection"),true));
    StyleSwatch *swatch = 0;
    if (tool_repr) {
        SPCSSAttr *css = sp_repr_css_attr_inherited(tool_repr, "style");
        swatch = new StyleSwatch(css);

    button->signal_clicked().connect( sigc::bind( sigc::ptr_fun(StyleFromSelectionToTool), prefs_path.c_str(), swatch)  );
    own->changed_signal.connect( sigc::mem_fun(*button, &Gtk::Button::set_sensitive) );
    p.add_line( true, "", *button, "",
                _("Remember the style of the (first) selected object as this tool's style"));

void InkscapePreferences::initPageTools()
    Gtk::TreeModel::iterator iter_tools = this->AddPage(_page_tools, _("Tools"), PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS);    
    _path_tools = _page_list.get_model()->get_path(iter_tools);

    _calligrapy_use_abs_size.init ( _("Width is in absolute units"), "tools.calligraphic", "abs_width", false);
    _calligrapy_keep_selected.init ( _("Keep selected"), "tools.calligraphic", "keep_selected", true);
    _connector_ignore_text.init( _("Don't attach connectors to text objects"), "tools.connector", "ignoretext", true);

    this->AddPage(_page_selector, _("Selector"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_SELECTOR);

    AddSelcueCheckbox(_page_selector, "tools.select", false);
    _page_selector.add_group_header( _("When transforming, show:"));
    _t_sel_trans_obj.init ( _("Objects"), "tools.select", "show", "content", true, 0);
    _page_selector.add_line( true, "", _t_sel_trans_obj, "", 
                            _("Show the actual objects when moving or transforming"));
    _t_sel_trans_outl.init ( _("Box outline"), "tools.select", "show", "outline", false, &_t_sel_trans_obj);
    _page_selector.add_line( true, "", _t_sel_trans_outl, "", 
                            _("Show only a box outline of the objects when moving or transforming"));
    _page_selector.add_group_header( _("Per-object selection cue:"));
    _t_sel_cue_none.init ( _("None"), "options.selcue", "value", Inkscape::SelCue::NONE, false, 0);
    _page_selector.add_line( true, "", _t_sel_cue_none, "", 
                            _("No per-object selection indication"));
    _t_sel_cue_mark.init ( _("Mark"), "options.selcue", "value", Inkscape::SelCue::MARK, true, &_t_sel_cue_none);
    _page_selector.add_line( true, "", _t_sel_cue_mark, "", 
                            _("Each selected object has a diamond mark in the top left corner"));
    _t_sel_cue_box.init ( _("Box"), "options.selcue", "value", Inkscape::SelCue::BBOX, false, &_t_sel_cue_none);
    _page_selector.add_line( true, "", _t_sel_cue_box, "", 
                            _("Each selected object displays its bounding box"));
    _page_selector.add_group_header( _("Default scale origin:"));
    _t_sel_org_edge.init ( _("Opposite bounding box edge"), "tools.select", "scale_origin", "bbox", true, 0);
    _page_selector.add_line( true, "", _t_sel_org_edge, "", 
                            _("Default scale origin will be on the bounding box of the item"));
    _t_sel_org_node.init ( _("Farthest opposite node"), "tools.select", "scale_origin", "points", false, &_t_sel_org_edge);
    _page_selector.add_line( true, "", _t_sel_org_node, "", 
                            _("Default scale origin will be on the bounding box of the item's points"));
    this->AddPage(_page_node, _("Node"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_NODE);
    AddSelcueCheckbox(_page_node, "tools.nodes", true);
    AddGradientCheckbox(_page_node, "tools.nodes", true);
    this->AddPage(_page_zoom, _("Zoom"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_ZOOM);
    AddSelcueCheckbox(_page_zoom, "tools.zoom", true);
    AddGradientCheckbox(_page_zoom, "tools.zoom", false);
    Gtk::TreeModel::iterator iter_shapes = this->AddPage(_page_shapes, _("Shapes"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_SHAPES);
    _path_shapes = _page_list.get_model()->get_path(iter_shapes);
    this->AddSelcueCheckbox(_page_shapes, "tools.shapes", true);
    this->AddGradientCheckbox(_page_shapes, "tools.shapes", true);
    this->AddPage(_page_rectangle, _("Rectangle"), iter_shapes, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_SHAPES_RECT);
    this->AddNewObjectsStyle(_page_rectangle, "tools.shapes.rect");
    this->AddPage(_page_ellipse, _("Ellipse"), iter_shapes, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_SHAPES_ELLIPSE);
    this->AddNewObjectsStyle(_page_ellipse, "tools.shapes.arc");
    this->AddPage(_page_star, _("Star"), iter_shapes, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_SHAPES_STAR);
    this->AddNewObjectsStyle(_page_star, "tools.shapes.star");
    this->AddPage(_page_spiral, _("Spiral"), iter_shapes, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_SHAPES_SPIRAL);
    this->AddNewObjectsStyle(_page_spiral, "tools.shapes.spiral");
    this->AddPage(_page_pencil, _("Pencil"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_PENCIL);
    this->AddSelcueCheckbox(_page_pencil, "tools.freehand.pencil", true);
    _t_pencil_tolerance.init ( "tools.freehand.pencil", "tolerance", 0.0, 100.0, 0.5, 1.0, 10.0, false, false);
    _page_pencil.add_line( false, _("Tolerance:"), _t_pencil_tolerance, "", 
                           _("This value affects the amount of smoothing applied to freehand lines; lower values produce more uneven paths with more nodes"),
                           false );
    this->AddNewObjectsStyle(_page_pencil, "tools.freehand.pencil");
    this->AddPage(_page_pen, _("Pen"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_PEN);
    this->AddSelcueCheckbox(_page_pen, "tools.freehand.pen", true);
    this->AddNewObjectsStyle(_page_pen, "tools.freehand.pen");
    this->AddPage(_page_calligraphy, _("Calligraphy"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_CALLIGRAPHY);
    this->AddNewObjectsStyle(_page_calligraphy, "tools.calligraphic");
    _page_calligraphy.add_line( false, "", _calligrapy_use_abs_size, "", 
                            _("If on, pen width is in absolute units (px) independent of zoom; otherwise pen width depends on zoom so that it looks the same at any zoom"));
    _page_calligraphy.add_line( false, "", _calligrapy_keep_selected, "", 
                            _("If on, each object created with this tool will remain selected after you finish drawing it"));
    this->AddPage(_page_text, _("Text"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_TEXT);
    this->AddSelcueCheckbox(_page_text, "tools.text", true);
    this->AddGradientCheckbox(_page_text, "tools.text", true);
    this->AddNewObjectsStyle(_page_text, "tools.text");
    this->AddPage(_page_gradient, _("Gradient"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_GRADIENT);
    this->AddSelcueCheckbox(_page_gradient, "tools.gradient", true);
    this->AddPage(_page_connector, _("Connector"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_CONNECTOR);
    this->AddSelcueCheckbox(_page_connector, "tools.connector", true);
    _page_connector.add_line(false, "", _connector_ignore_text, "", 
            _("If on, connector attachment points will not be shown for text objects"));
    this->AddPage(_page_dropper, _("Dropper"), iter_tools, PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_DROPPER);
    this->AddSelcueCheckbox(_page_dropper, "tools.dropper", true);
    this->AddGradientCheckbox(_page_dropper, "tools.dropper", true);

void InkscapePreferences::initPageWindows()
    _win_save_geom.init ( _("Save window geometry"), "options.savewindowgeometry", "value", true);
    _win_hide_task.init ( _("Dialogs are hidden in taskbar"), "options.dialogsskiptaskbar", "value", true);
    _win_zoom_resize.init ( _("Zoom when window is resized"), "options.stickyzoom", "value", false);
    _win_show_close.init ( _("Show close button on dialogs"), "dialogs", "showclose", false);
    _win_ontop_none.init ( _("None"), "options.transientpolicy", "value", 0, false, 0);
    _win_ontop_normal.init ( _("Normal"), "options.transientpolicy", "value", 1, true, &_win_ontop_none);
    _win_ontop_agressive.init ( _("Aggressive"), "options.transientpolicy", "value", 2, false, &_win_ontop_none);

// FIXME: Temporary Win32 special code to enable transient dialogs
#ifdef WIN32 
    _win_ontop_win32.init ( _("Dialogs stay on top (experimental!)"), "options.dialogsontopwin32", "value", false);

    _page_windows.add_line( false, "", _win_save_geom, "", 
                            _("Save the window size and position with each document (only for Inkscape SVG format)"));
#ifndef WIN32 // FIXME: Temporary Win32 special code to enable transient dialogs
    _page_windows.add_line( false, "", _win_hide_task, "", 
                            _("Whether dialog windows are to be hidden in the window manager taskbar"));
    _page_windows.add_line( false, "", _win_zoom_resize, "", 
                            _("Zoom drawing when document window is resized, to keep the same area visible (this is the default which can be changed in any window using the button above the right scrollbar)"));
    _page_windows.add_line( false, "", _win_show_close, "", 
                            _("Whether dialog windows have a close button (requires restart)"));
    _page_windows.add_group_header( _("Dialogs on top:"));
#ifndef WIN32 // FIXME: Temporary Win32 special code to enable transient dialogs
    _page_windows.add_line( true, "", _win_ontop_none, "", 
                            _("Dialogs are treated as regular windows"));
    _page_windows.add_line( true, "", _win_ontop_normal, "", 
                            _("Dialogs stay on top of document windows"));
    _page_windows.add_line( true, "", _win_ontop_agressive, "", 
                            _("Same as Normal but may work better with some window managers"));
    _page_windows.add_line( false, "", _win_ontop_win32, "", 
                            _("Whether dialogs should stay on top of document windows. Read the ReleaseNotes on this issue! (Rightclick the taskbar button and press 'Restore' to bring back a minimized document window)"));

    this->AddPage(_page_windows, _("Windows"), PREFS_PAGE_WINDOWS);

void InkscapePreferences::initPageClones()
    _clone_option_parallel.init ( _("Move in parallel"), "options.clonecompensation", "value", 
                                  SP_CLONE_COMPENSATION_PARALLEL, true, 0);
    _clone_option_stay.init ( _("Stay unmoved"), "options.clonecompensation", "value", 
                                  SP_CLONE_COMPENSATION_UNMOVED, false, &_clone_option_parallel);
    _clone_option_transform.init ( _("Move according to transform"), "options.clonecompensation", "value", 
                                  SP_CLONE_COMPENSATION_NONE, false, &_clone_option_parallel);
    _clone_option_unlink.init ( _("Are unlinked"), "options.cloneorphans", "value", 
                                  SP_CLONE_ORPHANS_UNLINK, true, 0);
    _clone_option_delete.init ( _("Are deleted"), "options.cloneorphans", "value", 
                                  SP_CLONE_ORPHANS_DELETE, false, &_clone_option_unlink);

    _page_clones.add_group_header( _("When the original moves, its clones and linked offsets:"));
    _page_clones.add_line( true, "", _clone_option_parallel, "", 
                           _("Clones are translated by the same vector as their original."));
    _page_clones.add_line( true, "", _clone_option_stay, "", 
                           _("Clones preserve their positions when their original is moved."));
    _page_clones.add_line( true, "", _clone_option_transform, "", 
                           _("Each clone moves according to the value of its transform= attribute. For example, a rotated clone will move in a different direction than its original."));
    _page_clones.add_group_header( _("When the original is deleted, its clones:"));
    _page_clones.add_line( true, "", _clone_option_unlink, "", 
                           _("Orphaned clones are converted to regular objects."));
    _page_clones.add_line( true, "", _clone_option_delete, "", 
                           _("Orphaned clones are deleted along with their original."));

    this->AddPage(_page_clones, _("Clones"), PREFS_PAGE_CLONES);

void InkscapePreferences::initPageTransforms()
    _trans_scale_stroke.init ( _("Scale stroke width"), "options.transform", "stroke", true);
    _trans_scale_corner.init ( _("Scale rounded corners in rectangles"), "options.transform", "rectcorners", false);
    _trans_gradient.init ( _("Transform gradients"), "options.transform", "gradient", true);
    _trans_pattern.init ( _("Transform patterns"), "options.transform", "pattern", false);
    _trans_optimized.init ( _("Optimized"), "options.preservetransform", "value", 0, true, 0);
    _trans_preserved.init ( _("Preserved"), "options.preservetransform", "value", 1, false, &_trans_optimized);

    _page_transforms.add_line( false, "", _trans_scale_stroke, "", 
                               _("When scaling objects, scale the stroke width by the same proportion"));
    _page_transforms.add_line( false, "", _trans_scale_corner, "", 
                               _("When scaling rectangles, scale the radii of rounded corners"));
    _page_transforms.add_line( false, "", _trans_gradient, "", 
                               _("Transform gradients (in fill or stroke) along with the objects"));
    _page_transforms.add_line( false, "", _trans_pattern, "", 
                               _("Transform patterns (in fill or stroke) along with the objects"));
    _page_transforms.add_group_header( _("Store transformation:"));
    _page_transforms.add_line( true, "", _trans_optimized, "", 
                               _("If possible, apply transformation to objects without adding a transform= attribute"));
    _page_transforms.add_line( true, "", _trans_preserved, "", 
                               _("Always store transformation as a transform= attribute on objects"));

    this->AddPage(_page_transforms, _("Transforms"), PREFS_PAGE_TRANSFORMS);

void InkscapePreferences::initPageFilters()
    _blur_quality_best.init ( _("Best quality (slowest)"), "options.blurquality", "value", 
                                  BLUR_QUALITY_BEST, false, 0);
    _blur_quality_better.init ( _("Better quality (slower)"), "options.blurquality", "value", 
                                  BLUR_QUALITY_BETTER, false, &_blur_quality_best);
    _blur_quality_normal.init ( _("Average quality"), "options.blurquality", "value", 
                                  BLUR_QUALITY_NORMAL, true, &_blur_quality_best);
    _blur_quality_worse.init ( _("Lower quality (faster)"), "options.blurquality", "value", 
                                  BLUR_QUALITY_WORSE, false, &_blur_quality_best);
    _blur_quality_worst.init ( _("Lowest quality (fastest)"), "options.blurquality", "value", 
                                  BLUR_QUALITY_WORST, false, &_blur_quality_best);

    _page_filters.add_group_header( _("Gaussian blur quality for display:"));
    _page_filters.add_line( true, "", _blur_quality_best, "", 
                           _("Best quality, but display may be very slow at high zooms (bitmap export always uses best quality)"));
    _page_filters.add_line( true, "", _blur_quality_better, "", 
                           _("Better quality, but slower display"));
    _page_filters.add_line( true, "", _blur_quality_normal, "", 
                           _("Average quality, acceptable display speed"));
    _page_filters.add_line( true, "", _blur_quality_worse, "", 
                           _("Lower quality (some artifacts), but display is faster"));
    _page_filters.add_line( true, "", _blur_quality_worst, "", 
                           _("Lowest quality (considerable artifacts), but display is fastest"));

    this->AddPage(_page_filters, _("Filters"), PREFS_PAGE_FILTERS);

void InkscapePreferences::initPageSelecting()
    _sel_all.init ( _("Select in all layers"), "options.kbselection", "inlayer", PREFS_SELECTION_ALL, false, 0);
    _sel_current.init ( _("Select only within current layer"), "options.kbselection", "inlayer", PREFS_SELECTION_LAYER, true, &_sel_all);
    _sel_recursive.init ( _("Select in current layer and sublayers"), "options.kbselection", "inlayer", PREFS_SELECTION_LAYER_RECURSIVE, false, &_sel_all);
    _sel_hidden.init ( _("Ignore hidden objects"), "options.kbselection", "onlyvisible", true);
    _sel_locked.init ( _("Ignore locked objects"), "options.kbselection", "onlysensitive", true);
    _sel_layer_deselects.init ( _("Deselect upon layer change"), "options.selection", "layerdeselect", true);

    _page_select.add_group_header( _("Ctrl+A, Tab, Shift+Tab:"));
    _page_select.add_line( true, "", _sel_all, "", 
                           _("Make keyboard selection commands work on objects in all layers"));
    _page_select.add_line( true, "", _sel_current, "", 
                           _("Make keyboard selection commands work on objects in current layer only"));
    _page_select.add_line( true, "", _sel_recursive, "", 
                           _("Make keyboard selection commands work on objects in current layer and all its sublayers"));
    _page_select.add_line( true, "", _sel_hidden, "", 
                           _("Uncheck this to be able to select objects that are hidden (either by themselves or by being in a hidden group or layer)"));
    _page_select.add_line( true, "", _sel_locked, "", 
                           _("Uncheck this to be able to select objects that are locked (either by themselves or by being in a locked group or layer)"));

    _page_select.add_line( false, "", _sel_layer_deselects, "", 
                           _("Uncheck this to be able to keep the current objects selected when the current layer changes"));

    this->AddPage(_page_select, _("Selecting"), PREFS_PAGE_SELECTING);

void InkscapePreferences::initPageMisc()
    _misc_export.init("dialogs.export.defaultxdpi", "value", 0.0, 6000.0, 1.0, 1.0, PX_PER_IN, true, false);
    _page_misc.add_line( false, _("Default export resolution:"), _misc_export, _("dpi"), 
                           _("Default bitmap resolution (in dots per inch) in the Export dialog"), false);
    _misc_imp_bitmap.init( _("Import bitmap as <image>"), "options.importbitmapsasimages", "value", true);
    _page_misc.add_line( false, "", _misc_imp_bitmap, "", 
                           _("When on, an imported bitmap creates an <image> element; otherwise it is a rectangle with bitmap fill"), true);
    _misc_comment.init( _("Add label comments to printing output"), "printing.debug", "show-label-comments", false);
    _page_misc.add_line( false, "", _misc_comment, "", 
                           _("When on, a comment will be added to the raw print output, marking the rendered output for an object with its label"), true);
    _misc_recent.init("options.maxrecentdocuments", "value", 0.0, 1000.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, true, false);
    _page_misc.add_line( false, _("Max recent documents:"), _misc_recent, "", 
                           _("The maximum length of the Open Recent list in the File menu"), false);
    _misc_simpl.init("options.simplifythreshold", "value", 0.0001, 1.0, 0.0001, 0.0010, 0.0010, false, false);
    _page_misc.add_line( false, _("Simplification threshold:"), _misc_simpl, "", 
                           _("How strong is the Simplify command by default. If you invoke this command several times in quick succession, it will act more and more aggressively; invoking it again after a pause restores the default threshold."), false);
    int const num_items = 5;
    Glib::ustring labels[num_items] = {_("None"), _("2x2"), _("4x4"), _("8x8"), _("16x16")};
    int values[num_items] = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4};
    _misc_overs_bitmap.init("options.bitmapoversample", "value", labels, values, num_items, 1);
    _page_misc.add_line( false, _("Oversample bitmaps:"), _misc_overs_bitmap, "", "", false);

    _page_misc.add_group_header( _("Clipping and masking:"));
    _misc_mask_on_top.init ( _("Use the topmost selected object as a clipping path or mask"), "options.maskobject", "topmost", true);
    _page_misc.add_line(true, "", _misc_mask_on_top, "", 
                        _("Uncheck this to use the bottom selected object as the clipping path or mask"));
    _misc_mask_remove.init ( _("Remove clipping path or mask after applying"), "options.maskobject", "remove", true);
    _page_misc.add_line(true, "", _misc_mask_remove, "", 
                        _("After applying, remove the object used as the clipping path or mask from the drawing"));
    _misc_use_ext_input.init( _("Use a pressure sensitive tablet or other device (requires restart)"), "options.useextinput", "value", true);
    _page_misc.add_line(true, "",_misc_use_ext_input, "",
                        _("Use the capabilities of a tablet or other pressure sensitive device. Disable this only if you have problems with the tablet."));

    this->AddPage(_page_misc, _("Misc"), PREFS_PAGE_MISC);

bool InkscapePreferences::SetMaxDialogSize(const Gtk::TreeModel::iterator& iter)
    Gtk::TreeModel::Row row = *iter;
    DialogPage* page = row[_page_list_columns._col_page];
    Gtk:: Requisition sreq;
    _max_dialog_width=std::max(_max_dialog_width, sreq.width);
    _max_dialog_height=std::max(_max_dialog_height, sreq.height);
    return false;

bool InkscapePreferences::PresentPage(const Gtk::TreeModel::iterator& iter)
    Gtk::TreeModel::Row row = *iter;
    int desired_page = prefs_get_int_attribute("dialogs.preferences", "page", 0);
    if (desired_page == row[_page_list_columns._col_id])
        if (desired_page >= PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS && desired_page <= PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_DROPPER)
            _page_list.expand_row(_path_tools, false);
        if (desired_page >= PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_SHAPES && desired_page <= PREFS_PAGE_TOOLS_SHAPES_SPIRAL)
            _page_list.expand_row(_path_shapes, false);
        return true;
    return false;

void InkscapePreferences::on_pagelist_selection_changed()
    // show new selection
    Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::TreeSelection> selection = _page_list.get_selection();
    Gtk::TreeModel::iterator iter = selection->get_selected();
        if (_current_page) 
        Gtk::TreeModel::Row row = *iter;
        _current_page = row[_page_list_columns._col_page];
        prefs_set_int_attribute("dialogs.preferences", "page", row[_page_list_columns._col_id]);
        _page_title.set_markup("<span size='large'><b>" + row[_page_list_columns._col_name] + "</b></span>");
        while (Gtk::Main::events_pending()) 

} // namespace Dialog
} // namespace UI
} // namespace Inkscape

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