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SPSVGView Class Reference

#include <svg-view.h>

Inheritance diagram for SPSVGView:

Inkscape::UI::View::View Inkscape::GC::Managed< default_scan, default_collect > Inkscape::GC::Anchored

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Detailed Description

Generic SVG view.

Definition at line 26 of file svg-view.h.

Public Member Functions

unsigned _anchored_refcount () const
void anchor () const
void close ()
SPDocumentdoc () const
 Returns a pointer to the view's document.
void doRescale (bool event)
void emitResized (gdouble width, gdouble height)
Inkscape::MessageStackmessageStack () const
 Returns a pointer to the view's message stack.
virtual void mouseout ()
virtual void mouseover ()
void operator delete (void *p)
void * operator new (std::size_t size, ScanPolicy scan=default_scan, CollectionPolicy collect=default_collect) throw (std::bad_alloc)
void * operator new[] (std::size_t size, ScanPolicy scan=default_scan, CollectionPolicy collect=default_collect) throw (std::bad_alloc)
void release () const
void requestRedraw ()
virtual void setDocument (SPDocument *)
void setPosition (NR::Point const &p)
void setPosition (gdouble x, gdouble y)
void setRescale (bool rescale, bool keepaspect, gdouble width, gdouble height)
 Rescales SPSVGView and keeps aspect ratio.
void setScale (gdouble hscale, gdouble vscale)
 Rescales SPSVGView to given proportions.
virtual bool shutdown ()
 SPSVGView (SPCanvasGroup *parent)
Inkscape::MessageContexttipsMessageContext () const
 Returns a pointer to the view's tipsMessageContext.

Public Attributes

unsigned int _dkey
gdouble _height
gdouble _hscale
 horizontal scale
bool _keepaspect
bool _rescale
 whether to rescale automatically
gdouble _vscale
 vertical scale
gdouble _width

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _close ()

Protected Attributes

sigc::signal< void, gchar const * > _document_uri_set_signal
sigc::signal< void, double,
double > 
sigc::signal< void > _redraw_requested_signal
sigc::signal< void, double,
double > 

Private Member Functions

virtual void onDocumentResized (double, double)
virtual void onDocumentURISet (gchar const *uri)
virtual void onPositionSet (double, double)
virtual void onRedrawRequested ()
virtual void onResized (double, double)
virtual void onStatusMessage (Inkscape::MessageType type, gchar const *message)

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