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#ifndef __SP_ITEM_FLOWTEXT_H__
#define __SP_ITEM_FLOWTEXT_H__


#include "sp-item.h"

#include "display/nr-arena-forward.h"

#include "libnrtype/Layout-TNG.h"

#define SP_TYPE_FLOWTEXT            (sp_flowtext_get_type ())
#define SP_FLOWTEXT(obj)            (G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE_CAST ((obj), SP_TYPE_FLOWTEXT, SPFlowtext))
#define SP_FLOWTEXT_CLASS(klass)    (G_TYPE_CHECK_CLASS_CAST ((klass), SP_TYPE_FLOWTEXT, SPFlowtextClass))

struct SPFlowtext : public SPItem {
    /** Completely recalculates the layout. */
    void rebuildLayout();

    /** Converts the current selection (which must be a flowroot) into
    a <text> tree, keeping all the formatting and positioning, but losing
    the automatic wrapping ability. */
    static void convert_to_text();

    SPItem *get_frame(SPItem *after);

    bool has_internal_frame();

//semiprivate:  (need to be accessed by the C-style functions still)
    Inkscape::Text::Layout layout;

    /** discards the NRArena objects representing this text. */
      void _clearFlow(NRArenaGroup* in_arena);

      double par_indent;

    /** Recursively walks the xml tree adding tags and their contents. */
    void _buildLayoutInput(SPObject *root, Shape const *exclusion_shape, std::list<Shape> *shapes, SPObject **pending_line_break_object);

    /** calculates the union of all the <flowregionexclude> children
    of this flowroot. */
    Shape* _buildExclusionShape() const;


struct SPFlowtextClass {
      SPItemClass parent_class;

GType sp_flowtext_get_type (void);

SPItem *create_flowtext_with_internal_frame (SPDesktop *desktop, NR::Point p1, NR::Point p2);


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