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SPDocument Class Reference

#include <document.h>

Inheritance diagram for SPDocument:

Inkscape::GC::Managed< default_scan, default_collect > Inkscape::GC::Anchored

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Detailed Description

Typed SVG document implementation.

SPDocument serves as the container of both model trees (agnostic XML and typed object tree), and implements all of the document-level functionality used by the program. Many document level operations, like load, save, print, export and so on, use SPDocument as their basic datatype.

SPDocument implements undo and redo stacks and an id-based object dictionary. Thanks to unique id attributes, the latter can be used to map from the XML tree back to the object tree.

SPDocument performs the basic operations needed for asynchronous update notification (SPObject modified virtual method), and implements the 'modified' signal, as well.

Definition at line 54 of file document.h.

Public Types

typedef sigc::signal< void > CommitSignal
typedef sigc::signal< void,
SPObject * > 
typedef sigc::signal< void, guint > ModifiedSignal
typedef sigc::signal< void > ReconstructionFinish
typedef sigc::signal< void > ReconstructionStart
typedef sigc::signal< void,
double, double > 
typedef sigc::signal< void > ResourcesChangedSignal
typedef sigc::signal< void,
gchar const * > 

Public Member Functions

unsigned _anchored_refcount () const
void _emitModified ()
void addUndoObserver (Inkscape::UndoStackObserver &observer)
void anchor () const
void bindObjectToId (gchar const *id, SPObject *object)
void bindObjectToRepr (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, SPObject *object)
void collectOrphans ()
sigc::connection connectCommit (CommitSignal::slot_type slot)
sigc::connection connectIdChanged (const gchar *id, IDChangedSignal::slot_type slot)
sigc::connection connectModified (ModifiedSignal::slot_type slot)
sigc::connection connectReconstructionFinish (ReconstructionFinish::slot_type slot)
sigc::connection connectReconstructionStart (ReconstructionStart::slot_type slot)
sigc::connection connectResized (ResizedSignal::slot_type slot)
sigc::connection connectURISet (URISetSignal::slot_type slot)
void emitReconstructionFinish (void)
void emitReconstructionStart (void)
void fitToRect (NRRect const &rect)
Glib::ustring getLanguage ()
SPObjectgetObjectById (gchar const *id)
SPObjectgetObjectByRepr (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr)
void operator delete (void *p)
void * operator new (std::size_t size, ScanPolicy scan=default_scan, CollectionPolicy collect=default_collect) throw (std::bad_alloc)
void * operator new[] (std::size_t size, ScanPolicy scan=default_scan, CollectionPolicy collect=default_collect) throw (std::bad_alloc)
void queueForOrphanCollection (SPObject *object)
void release () const
void removeUndoObserver (Inkscape::UndoStackObserver &observer)
void reset_key (void *dummy)

Public Attributes

GSList * _collection_queue
sigc::connection _desktop_activated_connection
sigc::connection _selection_changed_connection
const gchar * actionkey
 Last action key.
gchar * base
unsigned int keepalive: 1
guint modified_id
 Handler ID.
gchar * name
SPDocumentPrivate * priv
Inkscape::XML::Document * rdoc
 Our Inkscape::XML::Document.
 Our SPRoot.
Avoid::Router * router
 Root element of Inkscape::XML::Document.
gchar * uri
 URI string or NULL.
unsigned int virgin: 1
 Has the document never been touched?

Private Member Functions

void operator= (SPDocument const &)
 SPDocument (SPDocument const &)

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