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static void sp_gradient_child_added ( SPObject object,
Inkscape::XML::Node child,
Inkscape::XML::Node ref 
) [static]

Callback for child_added event.

Fixme: should we schedule "modified" here?

Definition at line 546 of file sp-gradient.cpp.

References SPGradient::has_stops, sp_gradient_invalidate_vector(), and sp_object_get_child_by_repr().

Referenced by sp_gradient_class_init().

    SPGradient *gr = SP_GRADIENT(object);


    if (((SPObjectClass *) gradient_parent_class)->child_added)
        (* ((SPObjectClass *) gradient_parent_class)->child_added)(object, child, ref);

    SPObject *ochild = sp_object_get_child_by_repr(object, child);
    if ( ochild && SP_IS_STOP(ochild) ) {
        gr->has_stops = TRUE;

    /// \todo Fixme: should we schedule "modified" here?

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