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PaperSize const inkscape_papers[] [static]

The ISO page sizes in the table below differ from ghostscript's idea of page sizes (by less than 1pt). Being off by <1pt should be OK for most purposes, but may cause fuzziness (antialiasing) problems when printing to 72dpi or 144dpi printers or bitmap files due to postscript's different coordinate system (y=0 meaning bottom of page in postscript and top of page in SVG). I haven't looked into whether this does in fact cause fuzziness, I merely note the possibility. Rounding done by extension/internal/ps.cpp (e.g. floor/ceil calls) will also affect whether fuzziness occurs.
The remainder of this comment discusses the origin of the numbers used for ISO page sizes in this table and in ghostscript.

The versions here, in mm, are the official sizes according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_sizes at 2005-01-25. (The ISO entries in the below table were produced mechanically from the table on that page.)

(The rule seems to be that A0, B0, ..., D0. sizes are rounded to the nearest number of mm from the "theoretical size" (i.e. 1000 * sqrt(2) or pow(2.0, .25) or the like), whereas going from e.g. A0 to A1 always take the floor of halving -- which by chance coincides exactly with flooring the "theoretical size" for n != 0 instead of the rounding to nearest done for n==0.)

Ghostscript paper sizes are given in gs_statd.ps according to gs(1). gs_statd.ps always uses an integer number of pt: sometimes gs_statd.ps rounds to nearest (e.g. a1), sometimes floors (e.g. a10), sometimes ceils (e.g. a8).

I'm not sure how ghostscript's gs_statd.ps was calculated: it isn't just rounding the "theoretical size" of each page to pt (see a0), nor is it rounding the a0 size times an appropriate power of two (see a1). Possibly it was prepared manually, with a human applying inconsistent rounding rules when converting from mm to pt.

Should we include the JIS B series (used in Japan) (JIS B0 is sometimes called JB0, and similarly for JB1 etc)? Should we exclude B7--B10 and A7--10 to make the list smaller ? Should we include any of the ISO C, D and E series (see below) ?

Definition at line 121 of file desktop-properties.cpp.

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