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NR::Matrix Class Reference

#include <nr-matrix.h>

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Detailed Description

The Matrix class.

For purposes of multiplication, points should be thought of as row vectors

p = ( p[X] p[Y] 1 )

to be right-multiplied by transformation matrices

    c[] = | c[0] c[1]  0  |
          | c[2] c[3]  0  |
          | c[4] c[5]  1  |                           

(so the columns of the matrix correspond to the columns (elements) of the result, and the rows of the matrix correspond to columns (elements) of the "input").

Definition at line 80 of file nr-matrix.h.

Public Member Functions

Matrixassign (Coord const *array)
Coordcopyto (Coord *array) const
NRMatrixcopyto (NRMatrix *nrm) const
Coord descrim () const
Coord descrim2 () const
Coord det () const
double expansion () const
double expansionX () const
double expansionY () const
Matrix inverse () const
bool is_translation (Coord const eps=1e-6) const
 Matrix (NRMatrix const *nr)
 Matrix (translate const &tm)
 Matrix (rotate const &r)
 Matrix (scale const &sm)
 Matrix (double c0, double c1, double c2, double c3, double c4, double c5)
 Matrix (NRMatrix const &m)
 Matrix (Matrix const &m)
 Matrix ()
 operator NRMatrix & ()
 operator NRMatrix * ()
 operator NRMatrix const & () const
 operator NRMatrix const * () const
Matrixoperator*= (translate const &other)
Matrixoperator*= (scale const &other)
Matrixoperator*= (Matrix const &other)
Matrixoperator= (Matrix const &m)
Coord operator[] (int const i) const
Coordoperator[] (int const i)
void set_identity ()
bool test_identity () const

Private Attributes

NR::Coord _c [6]

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