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void sp_style_merge_from_style_string ( SPStyle *const   style,
gchar const *const   p 

Parses a style="..." string and merges it with an existing SPStyle.

Definition at line 1144 of file style.cpp.

References cr_declaration_destroy(), cr_declaration_parse_list_from_buf(), and sp_style_merge_from_decl_list().

Referenced by sp_desktop_get_font_size_tool(), and sp_style_read().

     * Reference: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/styling.html#StyleAttribute: 
     * ``When CSS styling is used, CSS inline style is specified by including 
     * semicolon-separated property declarations of the form "name : value" 
     * within the style attribute''.
     * That's fairly ambiguous.  Is a `value' allowed to contain semicolons?  
     * Why does it say "including", what else is allowed in the style 
     * attribute value?

    CRDeclaration *const decl_list
        = cr_declaration_parse_list_from_buf(reinterpret_cast<guchar const *>(p), CR_UTF_8);
    if (decl_list) {
        sp_style_merge_from_decl_list(style, decl_list);

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