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SPKnot Struct Reference

#include <knot.h>

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Detailed Description

Desktop-bound visual control object.

A knot is a draggable object, with callbacks to change something by dragging it, visuably represented by a canvas item (mostly square).

Definition at line 39 of file knot.h.

Public Attributes

GtkAnchorType anchor
GdkCursor * cursor [SP_KNOT_VISIBLE_STATES]
NR::Point drag_origin
guint flags
NR::Point grabbed_rel_pos
guchar * image [SP_KNOT_VISIBLE_STATES]
SPKnotModeType mode
GObject object
gpointer pixbuf
NR::Point pos
GdkCursor * saved_cursor
SPKnotShapeType shape
guint size
guint32 stroke [SP_KNOT_VISIBLE_STATES]
gchar * tip

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