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pen-context.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Pen event context implementation.

Definition in file pen-context.cpp.

#include <gdk/gdkkeysyms.h>
#include "pen-context.h"
#include "sp-namedview.h"
#include "sp-metrics.h"
#include "desktop.h"
#include "desktop-affine.h"
#include "desktop-handles.h"
#include "selection.h"
#include "draw-anchor.h"
#include "message-stack.h"
#include "message-context.h"
#include "event-context.h"
#include "prefs-utils.h"
#include "sp-item.h"
#include "sp-path.h"
#include "pixmaps/cursor-pen.xpm"
#include "display/canvas-bpath.h"
#include "display/sp-canvas.h"
#include "display/sp-ctrlline.h"
#include "display/sodipodi-ctrl.h"
#include <glibmm/i18n.h>
#include "libnr/nr-point-ops.h"
#include "libnr/n-art-bpath.h"
#include "helper/units.h"
#include "snap.h"

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static gint pen_handle_2button_press (SPPenContext *const pc)
static gint pen_handle_button_press (SPPenContext *const pc, GdkEventButton const &bevent)
static gint pen_handle_button_release (SPPenContext *const pc, GdkEventButton const &revent)
static gint pen_handle_key_press (SPPenContext *const pc, guint const keyval)
static gint pen_handle_motion_notify (SPPenContext *const pc, GdkEventMotion const &mevent)
static void sp_pen_context_class_init (SPPenContextClass *klass)
static void sp_pen_context_dispose (GObject *object)
static void sp_pen_context_finish (SPEventContext *ec)
GType sp_pen_context_get_type (void)
static void sp_pen_context_init (SPPenContext *pc)
static gint sp_pen_context_root_handler (SPEventContext *ec, GdkEvent *event)
static void sp_pen_context_set (SPEventContext *ec, gchar const *key, gchar const *val)
static void sp_pen_context_setup (SPEventContext *ec)
static void spdc_endpoint_snap (SPPenContext const *const pc, NR::Point &p, guint const state)
static void spdc_endpoint_snap_handle (SPPenContext const *const pc, NR::Point &p, guint const state)
static void spdc_pen_finish (SPPenContext *pc, gboolean closed)
static void spdc_pen_finish_segment (SPPenContext *pc, NR::Point p, guint state)
static void spdc_pen_set_ctrl (SPPenContext *pc, NR::Point const p, guint state)
static void spdc_pen_set_initial_point (SPPenContext *pc, NR::Point const p)
static void spdc_pen_set_subsequent_point (SPPenContext *pc, NR::Point const p, bool statusbar)
static void spdc_reset_colors (SPPenContext *pc)


static NR::Point pen_drag_origin_w (0, 0)
static SPDrawContextClass * pen_parent_class
static bool pen_within_tolerance = false

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