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 * Whiteboard session manager
 * Message generation utilities
 * Authors:
 * David Yip <yipdw@rose-hulman.edu>
 * Jonas Collaros, Stephen Montgomery
 * Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Authors
 * Released under GNU GPL, read the file 'COPYING' for more information


#include <glibmm.h>
#include "xml/repr.h"

#include "xml/node.h"
#include "jabber_whiteboard/typedefs.h"

using Glib::ustring;

namespace Inkscape {

namespace Util {

class SharedCStringPtr;


namespace Whiteboard {

struct Node {
      ustring tag;
      ustring data;
      ustring::size_type next_pos;

class XMLNodeTracker;

class MessageUtilities {
      // Message generation utilities
      static void newObjectMessage(ustring* msgbuf, KeyToNodeMap& newidsbuf, NodeToKeyMap& newnodesbuf, NewChildObjectMessageList& childmsgbuf, XMLNodeTracker* xmt, Inkscape::XML::Node const* node, bool only_collect_nodes = false, bool collect_children = true);   
      static void objectChangeMessage(ustring* msgbuf, XMLNodeTracker* xmt, std::string const id, gchar const* key, gchar const* oldval, gchar const* newval, bool is_interactive);
      static void objectDeleteMessage(ustring* msgbuf, XMLNodeTracker* xmt, Inkscape::XML::Node const& parent, Inkscape::XML::Node const& child, Inkscape::XML::Node const* prev);
      static void contentChangeMessage(ustring& msgbuf, std::string const nodeid, Util::SharedCStringPtr old_value, Util::SharedCStringPtr new_value);
      static void childOrderChangeMessage(ustring& msgbuf, std::string const childid, std::string const oldprevid, std::string const newprevid);

      // Message parsing utilities
      static bool getFirstMessageTag(struct Node& buf, ustring const& msg);
      static bool findTag(struct Node& buf, ustring const& msg);

      // Message tag generation utilities
      static Glib::ustring makeTagWithContent(Glib::ustring tagname, Glib::ustring content);

      // noncopyable, nonassignable
      MessageUtilities(MessageUtilities const&);
      MessageUtilities& operator=(MessageUtilities const&);




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  c-file-offsets:((innamespace . 0)(inline-open . 0))
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